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Credit Card Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

One of the major problems that we usually meet when we decide to establish our own business is the financial support. Getting a business credit card is one of the ways in order to fund our own business. This is a less hassle way of getting funds compared to applying for a loan from banks. You also get to have many benefits like points, and many more that can help you develop your business. Having a business would mean that you are obliged to pay tax. This is where your credit card will be of big help. There are ways on how to determine your tax deductions.

Growing Your Business or Organization: What Are 5 Things You Should Never Do?

Growing the business is any business leader’s or CEO’s biggest challenge. But the real challenge is doing it cost effectively without losing key talent. At the same time, it is critical to rally the organization’s stakeholders around the vision even it seems that the company will come undone by the pace of change. This article provides a list of 5 caveats the growing business owner or leader will want to keep in their headlights as they rapidly grow their business or organization.

Rewarding Work: Bailouts and Bonuses

Incentives and bonuses don’t always work. Business must tailor rewards to more than just generating volume.

Top Tips On How To Start A Restaurant Business

Starting a restaurant business is an appealing prospect but it is fraught with danger. Generally accepted to have the highest failure rates of any sector succeeding in the restaurant game takes true grit and determination. This article provides top tips to succeed.

Organizational Behavior and Culture Built For Success

I remember reading an article where Louis Gerstner, former Chief Executive Officer for IBM, wisely stated that “The thing that I have learned at IBM is that organizational behavior and culture is everything.” I would have to agree with this statement. The success of any business depends on the behavior and culture within that particular organization. To ensure success, businesses must have effective management and leadership in place capable of creating strong organizational behavior and cultures. This post will highlight the correlation between organizational behavior and organizational culture, along with describing the observable and non-observable aspects of how the behavior and culture within an organization affects the outcome of the business.

Are You A Jack Of All Trades?

Have You Ever Met Anyone Who Said, “I Own Multiple Businesses”? Are you a jack-of-all-trades or do you know someone that is?

Who Should Work for Your Start-Up?

Starting a start-up is hard, really hard! In fact more than 75% of all start-ups never make it and die without ever making a profit. The tech entrepreneurs are idealized all over the world, but the majorly fail in their endeavors. This is not because people who start these start ups are not talented or are lacking resources, but it takes an incredible amount of hard work, planning and good luck to make a start-up work. Not every start up story ends like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Treat Your Business Like a Business Not a Hobby

Learn 5 things you need to know if you intend to treat your business like a business. Don’t get trapped into treating it like a hobby. It’s a business, no matter what kind it is and should be treated as such.

Why LinkedIn Is the Best Social Media Marketing Tool for Entrepreneurs

Social media marketing is a must for any business, but LinkedIn offers many unique advantages for the entrepreneur. Get your start-up off to the right start by using key features on LinkedIn.

You Are Losing Money: 3 Ways to Stop Doing Everything in Your Business

According to Marketing Experts, there are just 3 ways to bring more money into your business…

The Frugal Entrepreneur: A Lean Start

Frugality makes sense. This is especially true for startups. Frugality is particularly important in the beginning but should be maintained throughout the life of the venture. Think about it. When possible, why not choose home garage over office space, push mower over riding mower, old PC vs. new Mac? All these amount to great savings.

The Importance of a Non Disclosure Agreement

Let’s face it, when it comes to running a business, keeping your head in the sand can give you a big fat headache. The non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) is an extremely important contract for certain businesses and something that should be considered.

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