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Success Strategies For Boomer Entrepreneurs – Part I: STOP! What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

As a Boomer, you’ve survived enough personal, financial, career setbacks and experiences to realize that nothing worth accomplishing is easy, that the road to success, however each of us defines it, is laden with hidden, strategically placed minefields, and that you’d better do due diligence, do your homework, and aim several times before you fire into the field of entrepreneurship. Part 1 of this 4-part series explores the concept of non-negotiables – those precious traditions, values, interests, and lifestyle habits which you cannot and will not compromise even as you embark on your entrepreneurial adventure.

How Much Is My Business Worth – Is This The Right Question To Ask?

How Much Is My Business Worth? Find out what you should be asking.

Three Quick Tips Before Buying a Franchise

Launching a new business requires research, and buying a franchise is no different. Here are three great tips you must know before buying a franchise business.

Expense VS. Experience

You have unique values and interests. You will spend money on things others wouldn’t choose to have, even if those things were free. You will see people invest in items for their business and think they’re nuts (would you spend $50,000 for a business retreat on Necker Island?).

A Year in Review: How Do You Measure Success?

So we are coming to the end of another year. And a particularly popular exercise that a lot of people do at the end of the year is to look back and reflect on their activities, goals, achievements to determine if the year has been a successful one. But this begs the question: How do you measure success?

How Entrepreneurs Thrive in Difficult Conditions

The article I am writing about today is how entrepreneurs thrive in any economic climate. Most entrepreneurs are immune to any economic climate if they find the right niche.

So Tell Me Why We Work For Ourselves Again?

It’s a beautiful day here in Half Moon Bay. We are heading into the last weekend of our 2 week vacation here in what feels like paradise.

Why Discounting Your Services Is a Big Mistake

This topic can apply to any business owner in any industry. Plumbers, electricians, hair salons, a handyman, painters, etc. Discounted services are something you see all the time, whether someone is promoting new a product or service, just opening up a new shop, or just trying to drum up more business.

5 Hot Franchise Ideas For New Entrepreneurs

There are endless possibilities for those who wish to become franchise owners. Consider these five hot franchise ideas for new entrepreneurs.

Four Monetary Principles That Build Wealth

After an embarrassing bankruptcy, I realized I needed to learn how to manage money better. Since that time I came to understand there are four monetary principles that separate the haves from the have nots of this world. The haves live their lives by these four principles: The have nots do not

Mastery – Do You Have It, Do You Need It?

Apprenticeship, novice, practitioner, master, mastery… the words sound old fashioned, dated, maybe from another century; do they apply to the 21st century and to those of us making our living by working at home? Or are they outmoded concepts without relevance in this world of tweets, likes and cyberspace?

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Business

Have you ever wondered what the pros and cons of starting your own business actually are? This article looks at the upside and downsides of becoming an entrepreneur so that you can get a sense of what’s likely to be in store.

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