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Helpful Tips for Starting Your Embroidery Business

Most people love embroidered apparel. This is not a hard one to figure out – custom embroidery adds a personal touch to clothing that increases their perceived value and uniqueness. It isn’t surprising that more and more entrepreneurs are jumping onto the bandwagon of buying their own embroidery machines and starting their own companies.

Manufacturing: 9 Key Concepts For Success

Manufacturing companies traditionally have low profit margins, but what can you do to set yourself apart from your competition? Here are 9 Key Concepts to help you break the low margin barrier: 1. Do you know your direct material costs for the product you are manufacturing?

Video Production Business Tips – Systematizing the Creative Process

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. However, in any creative environment, I think we’d agree that another possible definition might be doing something different every time but expecting the same result. In other words, we want the freedom to be as creative as possible in each project we work on and we also want to be paid for all the time spent making the client’s masterpiece. It simply doesn’t happen this way.

Business, Marketing, and Life Lessons Learned From My First Job: Paperboy

I couldn’t wait to turn eleven. Turning eleven was big deal – You had to be eleven to become a paperboy. My first job as a paperboy taught me many lessons in Business, Marketing, and Life.

My Number One Business-Building Strategy

Before I share my number 1 business-building tip with you, we need to lay some ground work. Let’s look back at YOUR successes from this past year and see what some of your clues are.

The 10 Minute Method

Let’s admit, sometimes we tend to overestimate ourselves to achieve success in a shorter period of time than the others who have done it before us. Wanting to write and finish an eBook in such a short period seemed realistic until you realize that you’ve got a million other projects on the go at the same time! On the flip side, there are also those projects that seem so huge that you just never get started. You keep delaying it for days, weeks and eventually months and end up to never really get it done!

Retired From The Military – Want to Start a New Business?

Not long ago, I met a gentleman from the military and he was getting out after 30 years, he was retiring, and a friend of his at the coffee shop asked him what he was going to do with the rest of his life. You see he is only 45 years old. He explained that he wanted to start a new business, and he was going to school learning accounting and various other things so we could run the business properly.

How to Make Money With a Smile

The dream, really, is to find a way to make money without lifting a finger. No more slogging through a regular 9-5 nightmare and no more overbearing, micro-managing boss breathing down your neck.

Getting Business Through Blogging

Maintaining your competitive edge in a business of the future will become more difficult as time passes. Learn how to achieve a relationship with your customer through technological means.

How to Ensure Your Business Survives – When Others Don’t

When you start your own business, there’s no guarantee that your business will survive. Nearly 50% of all small businesses fail within the first 2 years. The 2 main reasons for businesses failing is the lack of a proper Business Plan and the lack of capital. Before you go overboard getting into debt to finance your business you need to have a strong Business Plan detailing your strategies on how you are going to survive and thrive in those first few years. Here are some ideas to consider from businesses that have thrived for 5 years or more and what they have in common.

A Combo Vending Machine Location Can Pay Dividends For Many Years To Come!

The success of a vending business depends on selecting the right machines and choosing the best locations this article can help you to decide how…

Video Production Business Tips – Video Marketing to Make Clients Rock Stars

Can a single idea change the course of your video production company forever? Once I determine whether or not it’s a good idea, I have to put it through my squirrel test. Does it fit with my overall business plan? Will it help me achieve my goals faster or will it just waste my valuable time if I try to explore it further?

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