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Promoting Business Through B2B Portal

B2B marketplace is an amazing creation of internet technology. It has made trading activities virtual and effortless. One of the largest searchable B2B directory to promote your business faster and easy way to communicate buyers and suppliers.

Who’s Holding You Accountable, “Entrepreneur”?

Entrepreneurship- The American Dream consists of having enough money to take care of both our wants and our needs. I’ve been told that the most profitable method in achieving the American Dream is through entrepreneurship.

Why Old School America Was Better

How the workforce of today’s America compares with year’s past. When the concept of Lifestyle design is applied we see startling differences.

Managing Your Personal Energy Level for Profit and Pleasure: Part 1

It is my experience from over twenty years in clinical practice that your personal energy level is the single most important, misunderstood and under appreciated asset in your life. It is vitally essential when you want to be successful and to maintain the success you have achieved. Your personal energy level is also crucial for maintaining satisfying and meaningful relationships and to enjoy pleasure in your life.

Managing Your Personal Energy Level for Profit and Pleasure: Part 2

In part one of this article I defined what your personal energy level is and 11 basic principles. In this article I will discuss what brings your personal energy level down and how you can improve your energy level. Some people naturally have very high energy levels and don’t need to do much to increase or maintain their energy level. It seems to just happen for them. They intuitively make choices that help them maintain high levels of energy. However, the majority of people have to be more deliberate and mindful in their choices if they want to have high levels of energy. You can still cultivate a high personal energy level for yourself, you just need to decide if you want and deserve it for yourself to make the effort towards change.

So You Want a Quantum Leap in Your Business?

All quantum leaps in business happen because of something you think, not do. Quantum leaps occur because you actually address the real problem with your business. And I can assure you, that every problem in your business is due to the way you think. Every single one.

Undercapitalization 2, The Kiss of Death or Slow Suicide – Your Dual Role As Owner and CEO

There’s a quote on this topic by Michael Gerber that resonated deeply with me once I read it, I hope it has the same affect on you. “The fact that few people have a grip on their money means few companies do also” Michael Gerber. Most of us are so far removed from this thought process that we might as well live on the moon. This quote hit me immediately and continues to guide my financial decisions. I am hopeful when you arrive back from the moon (as I did) it will do the same for you.

7 Tips to Step Up and Transform Your Business

A lot of heart-centered entrepreneurs have a very deep desire to step up and play bigger. They want to reach more people, make a bigger difference and really live up to their full potential. When I work with my clients on creating their own Big Mission, they are often very surprised to realize how big their mission really is.

Three Lists for Your Business Success

Are you in the habit of creating to-do lists? Every once in a while you still hear a guy refer to his wife having a ‘honey-do list’ for him. Somehow this might make it’s way to theMuseum ofNatural History where most Neanderthal Items reside. Seriously though this is actually an activity you might consider undertaking with your partner and your children. Each of them will work on their own and then you each present your lists and compare and discuss with each other what you wrote.

Why Financial Establishments Are Seeking Services For A Reference Data Market Display

The financial industry is presented with an ongoing development of systems for reference data market display.This ongoing development process is aimed at solving issues on reference data such as the lack of global data standards, the existence of data silos, a lack of data governance policies, low data quality and data duplication.

What Is A Multi Sourced Market Data Solution?

A multi sourced market data solution is a data solution that combines market data from two or more sources and provide users with a display having formats that are based to these users’ data needs. The data sources can be independent or related and the solution integrates and manages this data collected from these sources.

9 Business Etiquette Tips That Bring Business Profits

Many business owners are so focused on their profit margin, until they forget that one of the best ways to increase the bottom line is to simply “be nice”. The tips in this article will help increase your profits the easy way.

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