Why You’ll Regret Buying A Home In 2022


A Good Credit Score Is Critical to Business Success

A good credit score is critical to business success and this seems simple enough. However it plays out in many different ways.

The Power of the Word No When Selling a Business

The power of the word No when selling a business is immense. It is especially true in this difficult economy.

What Are Your Goals for 2013?

What are your goals for 2013? How will your business perform in 2013?

How Small Business Behaves Like Big Business To Everyone’s Loss

Honesty is essential to business, of any size, and is the only thing that will make an economy work. Honesty is when you do the right thing even when lawyers and regulations do not yet apply.

Ways To Work From Home – Good Business Ideas For The Aspiring Mumpreneur

A mumpreneur is someone who is a mother and has her own home made business. Thanks to technology e.g. the Internet, Skype, laptops, and so on, there are many ways to work from home. Learn good business ideas for aspiring mompreneurs in this article.

How To Get Money Quick – 3 Secrets of Moms in Business

Countless women now work from home, especially the moms. If you wish to learn how you can be one of the moms in business who get money quick and succeed in making money online, while having more time for your family, read on.

How to Stay Sane When Business Is Crazy

For a lot of entrepreneurs it is a crazy busy time right now. Maybe you’re working extra hard to make sure you reach the goals you set for yourself this year. Maybe you’re launching a (new) program this fall and are also working on some new plans and ideas.

Is Your Business Profitable? Prove IT!

This is a really touchy subject for me because I have always procrastinated about the numbers! Sure, I check my bank account everyday so I know what comes in and what goes out BUT that is totally different than KNOWING if your business is profitable. I am also guilty of keeping my income and expenses on a running tab in my head BUT that is really not a good way to grow a profitable business.

Suggestion on How to Become Famous Absolutely for Free

These days getting common is actually less complicated than ever before. In case you want to obtain some helpful and not complicated ideas, go on looking through this article.

Entrepreneurship – Observations on Entrepreneurship and Social Media (If A 9 Year Old Can Do It)

Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? You can learn from the 9 year old girl inside this article.

Part 11 – Commit to High Integrity, Yourself and Others

In a research project done by Howard A Stevenson at the Harvard Business School in 1983 experienced entrepreneurs were asked to name the most critical concepts, skills and know-how for success at their companies at the time and what they would be in five years. The findings were so astonishing that they were published in the New York Times: 72% of the Presidents responding stated that high ethical standards was the single most important factor in long-term success.

Part 10 – Know Your Customer Needs

Self-made millionaires are opportunity driven. They are continuously searching for new opportunities which usually take the form of satisfying some need or in by being of some service to others. Serving others is key to being a millionaire. You cannot just say give me money; you have to provide a service which is in demand.To satisfy the needs of your customers you must know exactly these needs are by understanding who the customer is, knowing what his needs are, and then directing your efforts towards satisfying those needs.

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