Why You Should NOT Buy A Home In 2022


Why Social Entrepreneurs Can Be the Most Successful People on the Face of the Earth

Many successful people point to one crucial aspect of their success: purpose. If that the case, then Social entrepreneurs, having the biggest purpose behind what they do, have the potential to create the most successful businesses in history.

Don’t Let What’s Not There Stop Your Success

Why is it we make excuses for being successful? Why is it we are our own worst enemies when it comes to trusting what we know is best for our businesses? What we need to do is understand the difference between a real hurdle and one that isn’t real at all.

It’s Time to Strengthen Your Chain!

Delegating is a way to overcome being overwhelmed in business. We simply can’t do everything ourselves and need a good team behind us to be truly successful. Read more to see how to do this.

QR Codes: The Future of Marketing

QR codes have been used heavily in Europe and Asia but are now just moving into the American marketplace. Find out what they are and how you can use them for your website.

How to Write the Partnership Agreement?

It is advisable to write a partnership agreement when you are involved in a joint venture or business. This kind of agreement enables you to organize your business with respect to the responsibilities, profits, rights and terms for the termination of the partnership for each partner involved in the venture. This document helps the well-being of the business.

How To Open A Tea Business

If you dream of opening something other than a coffee bar then this article is for you. Did you know that the Tea industry is a 10 billion dollar industry in the United States? Owning a tea business is an achievable dream if you have the right training. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The Challenges In Running A Green Businesses

The task of protecting the environment has become more imperative now that there are visible and noticeable evidences that the environment is being abused. Businesses belching out harmful emissions and wastes, use of fertilizers and harmful chemicals in farming continued reliance on fossil fuels etc have contributed a great deal to this. In spite of this, businesses trying to comport themselves to environmental discipline, or produce and market environmentally friendly (green) goods still face challenges. This paper attempts to highlight these.

When You Need Business Plan Help, Where Can You Find It?

Writing a business plan is often a challenging experience, and finding business plan help isn’t very easy either. Don’t fret though – help does exist – you just need to do a little digging to find it. Of course everything depends on your needs and budget, so with those in mind, let’s look at the choices you have…

3 Sure Fire Ways to Entertain Your Kid at the Office

How can you keep your kid busy at the office? Home office or corporate office, the key is a well-stocked goody drawer. Here’s how.

Profitability Before All Else!

The world has dramatically changed over the past decade. Especially the world of business right? Well, yes and no. It’s true we have seen dramatic changes in the way we communicate. The whole social networking concept is a MUST if you want to compete. It’s becoming harder to get and retain clients if your brand is not on LinkedIn, Facebook et al. We sell via websites and speak via Skype. These media are now the most cost-efficient in today’s competitive marketing environment, and you have to be up to speed or you’ll be left behind – that’s if you haven’t been already!

Residual Income Ideas – 3 Unique Profitable Niches

Here are some residual income ideas. Some of these are fairly easy to own, operate, maintain and profit from.

Are You Too Stressed for Success?

Stress gets in the way of achieving success through our mindsets. Using ineffective mindsets like driving with your brakes on. This article shows you three tools to shift your mindset and decrease stress.

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