Why The Stock Market Will Keep Falling


Profile of an Entrepreneur

Anyone can become an entrepreneur. There is a difference between becoming an entrepreneur and Being an entrepreneur. There are certain set of qualities in an entrepreneur which are required of them to survive the ordeal of starting, running and maintaining a Business venture.

The Best Way I’ve Found to Get Clarity and Build Confidence

Then I discovered the magic of masterminding, and my business was never the same. The first year I was in a very high-level mastermind group, my income shot from $130,000 to $2.2 million. Yes, I was shocked!

Aspiring Entrepreneur – Keith Brinson

How did a veteran, turned businessman use his unique perspective to launch a successful product and inspire others? In this article, Keith Brinson shares his experiences with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs.

Which Is The Right Structure For Your Business?

Choosing the structure of your business and identifying the accompanying legal requirements is absolutely essential; as this will affect how you run your business, how you do business in the future and, perhaps most importantly, the tax you pay. It doesn’t matter what home-based business you are planning, it could be a nail salon, pet grooming service, language tutor, physiotherapist, landscape gardener, affiliate marketer or eBay seller. Before you take another step, you need to decide what kind of legal structure will be most suitable for your venture.

The American Dream: Immigrants and Entrepreneurs

The United States has long been the destination for people in pursuit of a better life. The “American Dream” draws immigrants seeking out freedoms including the opportunity for prosperity and success. These dreams include the chance to start their own businesses.

Creativity in Business – Creative Ideas

When we start to bring creativity into our business, we often try to force the creative ideas to flow. Forcing creative ideas, or forcing ourselves to have them, is the surest way to make them turn tail and run. In this article, we explore a more practical way to keep the ideas flowing.

Home Based Businesses – Beware

Are you exploring opportunities that will allow you to work from the comfort of your home? Some people are trying to meet their financial obligations.

Part 4 – Carry a Compass

If you want to be a millionaire, you cannot just say… “give me money”, you have to carry a compass. You must know exactly where you are now and where you want to go. Then you must define a strategy to get from A to B as effectively as possible.

Choosing a Daycare Name

This article describes how one may work on choosing a name for the daycare. Since daycare centers revolve around children, the business name should be both appropriate and appealing to your customers – parents and children. Read more…

Part 3 – Depend on Yourself

Millionaires have what is called an Internal Locus of Control. This basically means that they see themselves as being in control of their environment as opposed to their environment being in control of them. They accept that they are 100% responsible for who they are and what happens to them. They believe they are in control of their own destiny and not simply a product of their environment.

Part 7 – Become a Lifelong Student

It is critical to know all there is to know about your chosen field. This puts you one step ahead of the competition and reduces your risk considerably. The process of wealth creation is an extremely competitive one and you must stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field.

How To Achieve True And Lasting Wealth – 8 Areas You Need To Focus On

People tend to associate wealth with money alone. In reality, wealth encompasses all areas of our lives. To achieve true and lasting wealth, we must first define what wealth really is to us. What do we mean when we say we are wealthy? How do we measure wealth?

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