Why The Middle Class Is Financially Ruined – AGAIN


Must Have’s For an Entrepreneur 2: Interest In and Ability to Learn Other Things

An entrepreneur has to play all the roles necessary for managing and running a business and therefore needs to have knowledge of several other subjects in addition to knowledge of his domain. Ability and willingness to learn are therefore another “must have” for an entrepreneur.

Your Business Is Not Your Personal Piggy Bank

The money in a business account is for business expenses. Your personal money is for personal expenses. Mix the two and you ask for trouble!

Things You Should Consider About Your Inventions

Coming up with an invention is a wonderful thing. However, making your invention a reality can be very difficult. This is because you will face a lot of opposition and difficulties.

What Do You Do With a Bolt From the Blue?

As a former weather forecaster I can tell you that I’m grateful for the fact that in all the blue sky I witnessed, there never once occurred a bolt from the blue. A weatherman’s worst nightmare occurs when the forecasted weather doesn’t materialize. You may well think that this happens most of the time; but actually weather prognostication today is about 89% accurate for the first 24 hours. 72 hours, however is the outside limit.

You Might Be an Entrepreneur If You’re Red-Blooded

There was a time when those who belonged to the various European royal families were referred to as being “blue-blooded.” Of course, their blood was as red as anyone else’s, as doubters would have discovered during the French Revolution. But the expression came from the fact that the relatively pale complexions of the kings, queens, and other members of the aristocracy enabled their subjects to see their veins more easily. And blood that hasn’t been exposed to the air does appear to be blue. So, why is it that entrepreneurs generally would not be mistaken for being royals?

When Should Entrepreneurs Bury the Hatchet?

The phrase, to bury the hatchet, comes from a custom practiced between the US Cavalry and the American Indians. You’ll recall that throughout much of the 19th century, the two groups were constantly at war with one another. Whenever they agreed between them not to fight, they would bury a hatchet – one of the Indians’ instruments of war, in the ground. Hence the expression. What hatchets do entrepreneurs have, and why should they bury them?

How to Have a Blue Ribbon Business

A blue ribbon, or riband, had originally referred to the ribbon worn members of the Order of the Garter in Britain, the exclusive and ancient order of St Esprit who had the intelligence and experience to investigate complex or important matters. It has since come to mean any achievement of the highest quality. The first prize in many contents is a blue ribbon. What characterizes a blue ribbon business, and how can entrepreneurs attain it?

It’s Darkest Before the Dawn: The One Thing That Separates Entrepreneurs From Everyone Else

When is the sky the darkest? When is there less light in it than at any other time within a 24 hour period? You may be surprised to learn that, despite the expression, “It’s darkest before the dawn,” that is not actually the case. In fact, it occurs at astronomical twilight, when the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon. But, no matter, because the idiom in the title is appropriate for this article.

Working With Your Management Tools

In the early stages of a business your business plan and budgets are bound to include a lot of guesswork, and not a little wishful thinking. A new entrepreneur cannot afford to be a fundamentalist slavishly attached to documents that in the light of operating experience turn out to be flawed. To some extent both business plan and budget must be seen as a ‘work in progress’

5 Common Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

There are certain characteristics of entrepreneurs that lead them to being successful at what they do! For starters and just to dispel the myth, successful entrepreneurs are ‘born’ they are NOT made! Read further to discover the 5 common characteristics typically found in people who have found success in their chosen field as small business owners!

Becoming an Entrepreneur Is Not As Difficult As You May Think!

Turning an idea into a money-making enterprise is easier today than it ever was in the days when Lord Sugar was pushing a hand-cart around the streets of London. Lord Sugar worked very hard and probably wore out many pairs of shoes as he tried to tap into the world of big business. Back in those days he was just plain old Allan Michael Sugar whose real money-making took off with the production of the AMSTRAD computer when he became a house-hold name. Today Lord Sugar is a house-hold name in the UK and in many other countries across the world; there are few people who are not aware of who he is.

Cooperate With Strangers and Volunteers and Help Unemployed People Start Complementary Businesses

This article explores three sources of cost-reducing help that most businesses ignore: strangers, volunteers, and unemployed people. Think of the unifying themes for this lesson as helping to overcome the unattractiveness and tradition stalls. Let’s begin by considering what strangers can do to help your enterprise reduce costs for all stakeholders through applying zero-based analysis to providing the minimum core offering.

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