Why Im No Longer Buying Stocks


Biography of Scots Entrepreneur Willie Haughey

A brief look at the life and career of one of the most successful Scots entrepreneurs of all time, Willie Haughey. From young school leaver to employer of 11,000 people, read on and learn about City Refrigeration’s business success story.

4 Strategies to Use When You Feel Like Giving Up

Every entrepreneur feels like giving up sometimes. Before you decide to throw in the towel and give up on your business, try these strategies.

5 Sources For Your Startup Funds

Chasing seed money to start up your new venture is certainly not the only way to get started. It can slow you down and limit your creativity when there are plenty of other great ways to be resourceful and get your business off the ground or expand.

9 Business Lessons From the Green Lantern

This article lists 9 business lessons learned from the movie Green Lantern. It focuses on the importance of using will to overcome business development fears.

How to Self-Analyze Your Consumer Product Idea To Facilitate Bringing It to Life

Nothing happens in business until something is sold. Selling is the engine of all commerce. Is your product saleable? Do you have the ability to sell? If not, do you know how to recruit professional Sales Representation? Is your Consumer Product priced properly? Is there a Customized Marketing Strategy that will enable the item to be placed in front of Retail Buyers and Decision Makers?

The 5 Most Important Items to Fully Address For Entrepreneurs When Writing Business Plans

The definition of a great Business Plan is a word picture based on Assumptions that you Qualify, Quantify and Narrate. Do not confuse a large, unwieldy, wordy document with a strong plan. Keep the Business Plan short, no more that 20 to 25 pages, before adding Assumption supporting Exhibits, as many as necessary.

Cleaning Business Jobs – The 3 Tiers Of Professionalism For Cleaning Jobs

Many entrepreneurs contemplate everyday  all the different cleaning business jobs they could start. If you are reading this than a cleaning business is what you are thinking about possibly starting. What most people miss when thinking about cleaning jobs is the order of executing the 3 tiers of professionalism.

Putting a Personal Development Plan Together

Developing a Personal Development Plan is critical to success in business. We must start from the beginning and build each article. We will be exposing you to all of the steps. The structure of this plan must start with mind mapping and brainstorming all of things that you will create in your life and business.

The Entrepreneur’s 6 Biggest Challenges

It’s easy to miss the obvious. Entrepreneurs should be aware of the warning flags that let them know there’s danger ahead. Here are a few of the key challenges that most Entrepreneurs face.

Business Ideas: Your Plan and Business Actions

You put together your Business Plan, from business ideas, with the ‘Big Picture’ on a strategic path. Sure you do want the traditional business plan, I have done that – it is enlightening and brings clarity to your thoughts on paper. You want to create a business that is truly aligned with who you are and know how to make a bigger difference in the world with your gifts. I think we’d all love to wake up in the morning feeling invigorated and excited to greet the day because we have a business that is fulfilling and adds meaning to the lives of others, as we help solve their problems. You can have clarity and focus around how to move your business and life to the next level of success. No longer do you need to feel overwhelmed. You will grow and understand where to focus your energy to maximize your results – and learn what you can clear off your plate so you’re life doesn’t feel so frantic.

It’s Your Business

In our work with business owners and CEOs, each of whom acts in their own independent and creative way, we’ve discovered two truths as near absolute as truths can be: First, no matter how different the business or the business model, the issues, challenges and opportunities all business owners face are quite similar and, second, the most successful owners differentiate themselves from the less successful by making the time to work on their businesses; not just in them. These two things are so evident every day I sometimes believe they could be the headings of the first two…

Campaigns to Support Independent Stores and Buy Local Are Just Hooey and Applesauce These Days

Maybe I’m wrong, but all the Buy Local, Support Independent Small Businesses seems to be treated in a very narrow-minded way. To borrow the phrase oft used by commentator Dave Dameshek, it all seems to be a bunch of hooey and applesauce to me.

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