Why I Stopped Buying Stocks


Learn How To Keep Your Relationship With Your Devoted Clients On-Going

One of the biggest uncertainties is how to keep clients you have worked so hard to get in the first place. As an industry expert, there is some built up loyalty already amongst your clients. The secret though is to then strategize and know how to keep your name in front of the right buyers.

Simple Website Ideas That Anyone Can Copy

Website designs vary depending on what the owner intends to achieve. If you want to start your own online business, then a number of website ideas that can help you to make money online. Each website has its own characteristics that require different levels of effort and experience online.

Minimize the Time Needed to Manage Your Enterprise to Develop the Minimum Business Model

When management spends less time on a business, extraneous expenses are greatly reduced and effectiveness increased. This article explains how to accomplish both goals.

10 Commandments for Small Business Startups

Ten Steps toward a productive and successful small business or a revitalized small busines venture. You owe it to yourself to find that path which will make you successful and then follow it. The following will help you move in that direction.

Hands Up: Your Business or Your Life

I’m intrigued by the various cohorts of business folk I’ve met over the years. Not classifications, like plumber, financial planner, or chiropractor, but cohorts, like those who are entrepreneurs because they think it’s sexy but aren’t making any money, and those who are entrepreneurs because their personalities are such that nobody would hire them as employees, and those who are entrepreneurs as a hobby because their spouses make six-figure incomes.

A Hot Cow-Prod On The Left Buttock of Laziness

Comfort is an entrepreneur’s worst enemy. How to kill the comfort and re-ignite the hunger, so that you get moving again.

Small Business Challenges Big Business Profits in Troubled Times

A small business is described as a business that is owned and operated by a private individual(s), is made up of a relatively small number of employees, and generates a smaller sales volume. The definition of “small” in this instance varies among countries and is stipulated in their specific business and/or labour policies. Small businesses come in the form of convenience stores, bakeries, small-scale manufacturing shops, and even online ventures such as programming and web design. In these troubled times, however, it is unfortunate that it is the small business that suffers, even though they are shown to be the life blood of the community.

Have a Business of Your Own? How You Can Build Your Own Success

If you are an entrepreneur, this article explains how you can successfully become more than yourself building your empire. Not only is it about succeeding in your business, but your life in general.

The Road To Wealth And Riches

Grow your money and your business. Get more out of life with wealth strategies.

Are You Creative or Competitive?

One of my favorite quotes (and one of the most influential upon my success) from Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich is: “Every (wo)man who becomes rich by competition throws down behind him/her the ladder by which (s)he rises, and keeps others down; but every (wo)man who gets rich by creation opens a way for thousands to follow him/her, and inspires them to do so.” I loved the concept of “getting rich by creation” the first time I read about it over a decade ago.

Experts Must Be Constant Producers

Imagine if Stephen King had written Carrie, then stopped. Would we know who he was today? To own an industry, you must keep producing.

Building Your Niche, In a City Full of Sharks

The goal of a majority of capitalistic minded individuals is to take the knowledge learned as you age, and turn it into a life’s dream. You can work for the Man, as people say, but who is the Man? My idea of the man is someone and some say Government, but someone who has taken the risk, and has been an established Entrepreneur, the owner of a large company, sometimes called a money machine. These are some of the saviors of our country. Yes, sometimes greed and power take control and manipulate those of us caught up in the system

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