Why I Sold My Stocks


5 Characteristics of Successful Startup Techpreneurs

Startup techpreneurs are amazing people. Sometimes you wonder what they are made of. You might ask if their DNA is made up of hard work perfectly linked to a chromosome of luck.

How to Negotiate and Win

Negotiation is an important part of entrepreneurship. While conducting business an entrepreneur finds himself or herself negotiating always. There is therefore need to learn some negotiation skills in order to achieve your negotiation objectives.

Home Business Ideas – Self-Employment Awaits

Whether it is the recession, a shaky economy, or just the need to stay at home and look after the children, many folks are now looking at home based business ideas as a means of generating income. Self-employment is not all roses; responsibilities are all yours.

Starting a Pet Business in SA

There is a great deal of opportunity in the pet industry, however, as with many entrepreneurial ventures, it is essential that you obtain the relevant knowledge and expertise before starting out. Dealing with pets brings with it much joy but of paramount importance for any pet related business is the ethos of responsible pet ownership and care. It is important that you consult with a veterinarian on any important issues to ensure the pets’ wellbeing is always a priority.

Blending Concepts – Creativity At the Drop of a Hat, Tossing It Into the Ring You Wear On Your Hand

You don’t need to be bi-polar, out of your mind, or creatively dysfunctional or depressed to blend concepts and innovate from mental cross-pollination, nor do you need a group to help with your brain-storming – you can train your mind to come up with a new original thought at will, whenever you want, multiple original thoughts per day if you wish. Anyone can do it, but how do you think I know this?

10 Reasons Why You Should Work for Yourself

You get paid for what you do – This may sound obvious, however, let me explain. When you work for someone else, you have a number of set hours a week that you are contracted to work and your wage is set, based on the contract you signed.

Create Fireworks for Your Business Success

Each of us is moved by our own sensory buttons. On any specific day our ideal sensory button may be different from another day. This exact information is critical to be aware of when we are marketing our business. We must engage in all areas from visual pictures, video, audio, written words, internet, direct mail and more. You will reach people in a different way each time, and on a different day, in the knowledge that one day they will be ready to see, hear, listen, watch, or read what you have to say.

Free Advice That’s Actually Worth Something? You Bet!

You, like me, have undoubtedly heard the old saying that “Anything you get for nothing is only worth what you paid for it.” Well, 99.9 percent of the time that saying rings true. But there is one notable exception, the free advice would-be start-up owners and owners of troubled businesses have available to them from SCORE. If at this point you’re asking yourself what’s SCORE, think back a few years when the organization was known as the Service Corps of Retired Executives. SCORE is a much improved organization today.

Starting Your Own Insurance Agency Begins With the Right Business Plan

If you’re wondering how to start an insurance agency, a good place to start is to have a solid business plan. With a plan that is focused on the right elements, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

4 Principles Understood by Successful Entrepreneurs

Creating a new business venture is based on creativity, innovation, and most importantly, an understanding of value. Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe successful entrepreneurs use to create million dollar business ideas. But, there are 4 key principles that need to be understood before indulging too deep into a potentially risky business venture.

Should I Just Find a Job or Be Self Employed?

The freedom to do what you want, when you want and be paid for it is a dream most of us will or have had at least once in our lives. Unfortunately for most, it’s just that.. a dream.The choice and the personal character to execute comes down to getting a job or being self employed. This article provides tips and questions to help the reader discover for themselves their best path.

Finding Mentors Can Help You Succeed in Business

Finding mentors or coaches can help you be successful in business. From financial advice to hiring employees mentors can help you save money, get over the learning curve and put you on the right path to help you grow a successful business.

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