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What Do I Need to Start My Own Forex Business From Home?

If you’d like to know how to get started with Forex, and you’ve never done anything like this before, use this basic three-point plan – oh, and the secret ingredient too. This is not what you think. You don’t need heaps of money, but you do need the right mind-set. You don’t have to work at it all the time, but you do need to think of it as a real business – even if it’s just a sideline.

How to Sell a Business Online

When you want to sell your business, one of the most convenient ways to do it is over the Internet. But, this can also present problems in itself. You could be bombarded with a bunch of different offers in a short amount of time. Here is how you can sell a business online and make sure that you get the best experience out of it that you possibly can.

7 Tips To Creating an Empowered Mindset So You Can Convert More Prospects Into Paying Clients

The enrollment conversation is where the rubber meets the road, and it poses one of the biggest challenges facing women entrepreneurs. I have worked with women business owners for years, and I have noticed that a lot of them think that they just need a script or step-by-step instructions or a how-to template in order to navigate this conversation. They believe that investing in such tools will successfully transform prospects into clients. Although these instruments are helpful and necessary, the truth is that mindset and energy are much more important when it comes to converting prospects into paying clients. Indeed, this mindset-energy combination is often the number one factor in determining which prospects will become paying clients.

How To Use Connection To Get More Clients

I have worked with women business owners for years, and I have become an expert in attracting high-paying clients. One of the most significant things I have learned about making yourself attractive to ideal clients is this: it is vitally important to be authentic. I have also discovered that the only way to really be authentic is to run your business from a “connected” place. To better explain what that means, I have identified 4 connection-based strategies you can implement to have ideal clients drawn to you and your business.

Are You Afraid To Invest In Yourself?

I am sure that you have heard this phrase: “Your business can only grow to the extent that you grow.” If you are playing small, hiding out, procrastinating, doing it all yourself, undercharging, under-earning or over-delivering, then you are getting in your own way. Without a doubt, each of these actions or habits will stall your business growth, repel ideal clients and sabotage your success.

Are YOU Repelling Money and Clients?

I have worked with women business owners for years, and one of the biggest ways I see them stop the flow of money and clients into their business is by having their financial house “out of order.” Before they can attract their ideal clients, they have to get their finances in order. If you want to attract the best high-paying clients for your business, it is vitally important to be in complete alignment with your money matters. This is critical for making-and keeping-more money. Your financial situation doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do need to see your finances clearly, and you need to understand exactly where you are.

Accept Yourself

If we keep looking back, we won’t be able to see what the future holds for us. Don’t let your mistakes become failure. Failure is the word that stops us dead in our tracks. Mistakes are made, it is a fact of life, but by accepting them and learning from them, we learn to accept ourselves.

Time Is NOT Money!

Whether you’re currently in business for yourself or just thinking about it, inevitably the issue of getting paid will arise. In a nutshell, you’ll wonder how much you ought to charge your customers.

Is This Ethical?

A businessman I know told me one time to “Sell ’em what they want; give ’em what they need.” So, here’s my question: Is that ethical? Are you being honest with your customers if you allow them to believe they’re getting one thing, when in fact you’re giving them something else?

The Importance of Vision for Small Growth Firms

During the early stages of a start-up, sometimes the only thing growth companies have is a vision of future possibilities.  Resources may be sparse, operations bumpy, and competition stiff, but if the young growth firm has a clear and compelling vision these obstacles can be surmounted.  Fortunately, the vision setting process is generally one that entrepreneurs gravitate toward naturally.

Who Is Ray Kroc?

Ray Kroc had a nose for business opportunities and he understood that you had to provide a quality product that was consistent. He also knew that there had to be a repeatable process in place so that his franchise stores could continue to provide that same quality service no matter which store someone went into. To get the results that he got at McDonald’s, Ray also understood that the products had to be relatively inexpensive, delivered quickly and that the menu had to be simple. There are few markets that fit that need today. But if you find one, do your homework, invest wisely and hang on to your hat.

Non-Linear Business Growth for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur requires a different psychological skill set than most other career paths. One of the key concepts that is critical for successful entrepreneurs to understand is: Business growth is non-linear.

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