WARNING: The Biggest Wealth Transfer in History Is Coming


Watch Out! It’s The Fear Monster!

Working for yourself is hard and selling yourself is even harder. This article is all about beating your Fear Monster.

Stop Making the Wrong Choices in Your Video Business

  The struggle of running a video production business is a reality. When you try so hard to become successful, you may make wrong decisions because you feel so depressed and exhausted. If you think about it, instead of making these decisions every time you are in turmoil, give yourself a break and relax.

How to Become Accountable So Your Stock Will Rise

Trying to hold people accountable sucks! It’s a suck of time, energy and money in any organization. You can no more hold people accountable than you can breathe for them. Learn what accountability really is and is not and what you can do to increase it in your organization.

London 2012 Olympic Games Lesson for Entrepreneurs

One of the greatest moments of the London 2012 Olympic was when Nigerian rower Hamadou Djibo Issaka triumphantly crossed the finishing line. Even though he finished last, his was the triumph of the human spirit. So, as entrepreneurs, what lesson can we learn from the Olympians?

Why Merchant Cash Advance Is a Sensible Option Today

Growing businesses often need additional infuse of finance to fund their expansion or for additional working capital. Some businesses may need additional cash for funding a new project that has a great potential to deliver god profits in a short period. However, it is not always possible to raise cash for all these business needs.

How to Pick the Perfect Conference Centre

Picking and choosing the right conference centre can be an important factor in making a great impression, running a smooth meeting, and ultimately, sealing a new business deal. As with all things in life, conference centres are not created equal, and some have much better facilities than others. This article will detail some of the essential characteristics you should be looking for to ensure your meeting is a success.

Patience Can Be a Virtue!

Business ideas take time to develop into fruition. Let us not rush into things with high expectations that they will occur when we want them, or expect them, to occur. Careful planning and patience can go a long way to save time and headaches that may occur when trying to accomplish tasks necessary to work toward the goal of having a successful business operation.

The Global Economic Downturn: When Will It Stop?

The world is facing a global economic downturn. We must fix this problem at once.

Employment V Self Employment: Advantages and Disadvantages

The credit crunch hit hard and a high unemployment figures mean people today are considering whether to continue looking for paid employment or to go into self-employment. There are advantages and disadvantages to both so let´s take a look at the pros and cons of being employed or self employed.

Brainstorm Your Future Career Path With a Mastermind Team

How would you tell someone about your current situation? You worked for a company over 20 years and got the “pink” slip.

One of the Most Dangerous Things an Entrepreneur Can Say

As an entrepreneur, it can be dangerous to try and be all things to all people. I advocate focusing on your strengths, talents and passions 80-90% of the time. This is a powerful way to propel your business forward.

How to Be an Entrepreneur: 7 Traits to Turn Possibility Into Reality

How important is it to have the desire to take control of your life the way you want it to be? To want to turn all that passion, determination and idea into something real.

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