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Why Hustlers Don’t Last

The “hustler” has become a popular character in hip-hop and American pop culture. Yet, this individual doesn’t possess the longetivity necessary to succeed. This article addresses the reasons why being a hustler does not translate to long-term success.

4 Ways To Lead With More Influence

The old strategy of being an overly directive boss is not nearly as effective as it once was, and requires reexamination and self-awareness. While an approach of non-authoritative leadership may at first seem oxymoronic, this style of leading is very important in today’s ever-changing world.

The New Entrepreneur – Overview

An overview of what it takes, what’s involved, for those thinking about taking the leap into Entrepreneurship. The first in a series of seven articles on the steps, pitfalls and suggestions on how to make it work. Is being an entrepreneur really for you? I think so.

Tips to Help You on Your Quest to Start a Coffee Business

Starting a coffee business is a complicated endeavor but definitely a worthwhile one. It makes you risk a valuable amount for the capital but when managed and run properly, you can earn substantial rewards from it.

Startups by the MBAs

Working for a startup has always been an attractive option for the MBA graduates. Despite the inherent risks involved, the fresh ventures provide flexible work arrangements, a great degree of autonomy, high reward prospects, and an incomparable learning experience. Indeed, all this cumulates to varied leadership opportunities packed with a real impact. As the instincts would have it, business graduates eventually do prefer coming up with their own startup rather than simply working for someone else’s. Here are some shifts in the entrepreneurial trend.

No Time To Breathe

If you feel like you are never in control, have less and less time each week, you aren’t alone. This is a common complaint of business owners. Find out ten proven tips that should help you regain lost sanity.

3 Ways to Blow Your Mind and Grow Your Biz

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.” The challenge for many business owners and sales professionals is that they’re so absorbed in doing their business and hitting their sales goals that they don’t believe they have the time to think. Yet, Napoleon Hill wrote a world-famous book, “Think and Grow Rich” which implied that thought is the first step in growing rich.

Complimentary Consultations: What They Are And What They Are Not

The purpose of a complimentary consultation, also referred to as a discovery session, strategy session, sample session, get acquainted call, etc., is for you and your potential client to get to know one another a bit and to determine if the two of you are a good fit to work together.

Financial Freedom for Professional Women – Changing Your Negative Beliefs About Money

Changing your money beliefs about money helps you to have more financial freedom and a more happy balanced life. Here are a few of the negative money beliefs and tips on changing them.

How One Man Made an Extra $1,000 Teaching What He Knew

The U.S. Postal Service is leveraging its existing expertise in the delivery business to begin a two-year grocery delivery test in San Francisco, CA. Learn how you can emulate them by leveraging your existing skills teaching what you already know.

Five Secrets for Cash Infusion Mania

After years of needing cash infusions lickety-split, I decided to go for several big infusions each year. This took an inner game overhaul (which I’ll share with you in a moment).

3 Tips For Using Your Facebook Page To Build Your Business

These tips will help you get started using a Facebook page for your business, or improve your results. Keep the main focus of your page about providing value, but don’t forget that you’re running a business.

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