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De-Grinch Yourself!

My holiday recipient list is written. Eighteen friends and family members and twenty-seven clients. Yep, I’ll be giving more gifts to clients than to my loved ones.

10 Entrepreneur Role Models To Emulate In Business and Life

The world is full of people trying to make money, with new business ideas and dreams that they hope to take flight into reality. Some people fail, and some people make it big. To start the New Year with inspiring thoughts, here is a list of 10 entrepreneur role models to emulate in business and life, all for very different reasons.

Are You Celebrating Your Successes?

It’s important to stop and celebrate the things we are doing right and to acknowledge the things that are working in our business. Celebrating success is a way of building self esteem, joy and optimism. This article offers some tips and suggestions on how look at, and celebrate your successes.

Enterprise Applied Management Synopsis – Cambodia

Enterprise Applied Management (EAM) is a program dedicated to managers and students in Management Sciences. There are various types of managers; for example, executives, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs… and all are concerned with a critical question; How to lower the level of uncertainty when making a managerial decision or starting a new business? EAM provides managers with approaches, tools and concepts for them to feel well equipped when they are confronted with uncertainties. Change Management is the keyword for this program.

Management Stories – The Great Inspiration for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Childhood stories can become the basis for entrepreneurs to learn good strategic management and apply them in big innovation management companies to make them and their companies successful. Fables such as that of the wolf and the shepherd gives us very important lessons based on which people can prepare themselves for the tough time in future.

Entrepreneur Consulting Options, Part 4

Discover the simple method of developing a loyal customer base that will also be your best sales force. You won’t have to pay them and because they trusted sources, they will become your best source of leads. This is a key part of this entrepreneur consulting series as it sets the foundation for your best marketing and sales strategies.

The Entrepreneur’s Only Friend

No higher truth exists in business than this; until the moment you are viewed as a success you will be viewed as a failure, whatever that definition may be. You must believe in your cause to make it a reality, because no one else will. From the time you begin your journey until the very day you call it quits for good, you will live and die by this truth.

How to Run an Indoor Car Boot Sale Within A High-Rise Car Park

This is a short guide on how to run an indoor car boot sale within a high-rise car park. Car boot sales have been a successful and prominent component of alternative trading in the UK for a number of years and have become a popular permanent fixture on sites throughout the country. The public will get up surprisingly early on a weekend in response to the lure of yet another bargain hunt, the chance of getting rid of longstanding ‘junk’ in the house and making some money or finding that ‘unremarkable object’ that turns out to be an extremely profitable ‘earner’ when sold on.

Entrepreneur Consulting Options, Part 2

To start a business, your entrepreneur consulting step 2 is based on the understanding that you have done your homework first. That you know enough about your market and competition to be able to develop a viable plan and execute against it. When you have your plan you can’t procrastinate, you need to get out there and create your success.

Niche Marketing – What to Look for in Niche Selection

Finding a niche market is not complex – the only tool that is without doubt necessary is your brain and your enthusiasm. It makes no sense to focus in niches you don’t really ENJOY. You’ll probably know if you decided to go with the wrong niche or the correct one. Taking into account all the potential topics, niches and markets there are.

What Are the Benefits of A Guarantee on My Website?

Have you ever bought something and asked about a guarantee? I am pretty sure that we all have – protecting our dollar so to speak I guess. Some people think that unless a product has a guarantee, that product is not of any value. I don’t know if I would go that far in my thinking, but we all ask about guarantees at one time or another.

Goal Setting – Did I Make It?

Bite size, achievable, changing habits. These are all goals we can set for the New Year.

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