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Confessions of a 30-Year-Old CEO

It was not easy starting a company and achieving what I did at a young age and it doesn’t get much easier being a 30-year-old CEO. Running a business and making headway, thus gaining a positive reputation in your vertical, takes a dedication that only few have. Small business never stops and the young CEO must keep up.

Build A Forestry Fleet Of Your Own!

Are you interested in starting your own fleet of forestry equipment? Read this article beforehand to learn about everything that is involved in starting this business!

3 Characteristics in the Bidding On And Awarding Of US Government Contracts

Whether you are just beginning your business or are in the midst of developing it, you undoubtedly will have thought about who you would like to have as your customers. In this article, you will learn the three characteristics that are common to the bidding for and awarding of US Government contracts.

Maintaining Professionalism in the Workplace

Have you ever wondered what professionalism is? It’s one of those terms that has become so ubiquitous that as to be almost meaningless. I’d like to set the record straight.

Borrowing Branson’s Beliefs

I was speaking with a client recently when he shared with me his dilemma. He told me how he was able to work through and achieve what ever goals he set out to do in different areas of his life, except for when it came to his business. He longed to build a bigger business and generate a larger stream of income, one that would give him the financial freedom and flexibility he desired. Upon further questioning, it became rather apparent that in every aspect of my client’s life, one constant held true. Where he achieved his goals, he had first believed it to be true. He believed that it was possible and had no doubt that he was going to achieve them. Subsequently, he would go on to achieve them.

Knock Knock – Are You Going to Answer?

Opportunity knocked. And I got excited. I wanted Opportunity to knock on my friends doors as well. At the end of the day, it is always nice to have your friends enjoy the benefits of what you could potentially see. So I showed Opportunity my friends’ doors, and indeed, it knocked. But to my initial surprise, my friends didn’t get excited. Many of them acted like they didn’t hear the knock, whilst others blatantly ignored it. Some would remark it was too good to be true, that it was difficult, it was too hard to predict. Others said, it was risky, and that they certainly didn’t have the budget to be able to capitalize on it just yet.

An Entrepreneurs Life Without Higher Education

How I created my own future and a better life for myself as an entrepreneur without going to University. I am often told I am lucky, usually by college graduates who can’t believe what I have achieved without a degree. Here is some advice on creating some success in your life and career no matter if you have or haven’t been to university.

Mowing Yards To Get More Money

You would be surprised how many people don’t have the time to mow their own yard or just don’t want to do it themselves. Homeowners will gladly pay someone to mow the yard so they don’t have to do the work. Many people have made a living by mowing yards and it’s a great way to pull in some extra cash.

The Mistake of Having a False Sense of Security With Your Corporate Career

If you are not living a life where you call the shots, don’t you think you deserve the same kind of freedom? The truth is, once you experience being your own boss, you will NEVER go back to a regular J.O.B. You will be able to control your income and can spend more quality time with your family.

9 Steps for Moving Past Fear to Success

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with fear when pursuing our entrepreneurial dreams. We care so very much about them; about making a difference and creating positive change by doing what we do. Unfortunately, fear breeds paralysis and paralysis breeds more fear, etc. until we’re absolutely tied up in knots.

Establishing Your Business Network

Building your business involves more than just the business itself, it’s also about those around you. What can they do for you, and what can you do for them- develops a relationship. These business networks are precious to a growing business, allowing new doors to open in every direction, and thus helping us grow towards success.

Energize Your Enthusiasm

The power of enthusiasm helps us to keep going no matter what happens. It is the light in the darkness, helping us to see our goals, and guide us towards them. Keep a positive attitude and spend your motivation batteries wisely- and most importantly- energize yourself with enthusiasm.

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