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Creativity and Business – Should Making Money Be The Goal?

People often say that their dream is to make a lot of money. Sometimes they add that making money would allow them to give money away to worthy causes. I assert that making tons of money, even if it is to be able to give tons of money, isn’t a goal or dream you can really wrap your passions around. Some people really are committed to simply making money and are very good at it, but I suspected that most people’s dreams, when really looked, are a lot more specific and that making money is only the tool, not the goal.

Be TransRelational

Men and women have been working together in the business world for decades. However, we still have not achieved effective communication with each other. This means that our marketing is not as effective as it could be, sales are being lost, customers are not having the highest quality experience and our teams are not performing at their most productive level. We need to start learning how to adapt so we can make our business more profitable and successful.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship – Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid

In our zeal to start a business, we often overlook some key must-haves. Based on my experience coaching dozens of clients interested in transitioning to entrepreneurship, I’ve seen a pattern of impatience and unwillingness to wait for the right time. So instead of jumping into business prematurely, I want to share with you the top 7 mistakes to avoid when transitioning to entrepreneurship.

Breaking It Down Before You Have a Breakdown

We’ve been hearing many “Big Name” online marketers talking lately about ALL the different things you can do to build your business, ALL the different strategies you use, ALL the different tactics you can implement. How “you can’t create a successful business without video or Facebook or a blog or making 100 calls a week or continuity program or orange poster-board… you get the idea. There seems to be this attitude of “Go, Go, Go!”into the next “latest and greatest best thing ever.” But as you look closely at the next thing they’re telling you to do in your business, it’s related to what the next thing they are offering, not necessarily what you need to build your business now.

Confusion Is a Choice

Being confused, unclear, overwhelmed or broke are choices. Articulating your desired end results in a short and sweet fashion helps you, your team and the Powers that Be all get behind the cause. It will create concise and perfectly orchestrated action steps without effort.

8 Productivity Tools You’ll Use

1. Send really large files You know how your Internet service provider (or your recipient’s) will complain if you send an audio file or other large file? Get around that by using YouSendIt, which handles the transaction through a web site.

Get SMART About Your SWOT Analysis

When you are beginning or in the creative process of your Marketing plan, going through a SWOT Analysis is incredibly important, a big benefit is that it will force you take into account all aspects of what you are trying to do and not go forward with your heart only. One of the things that you will understand fairly quickly when you start your business is that everyone competes against someone……

Important Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a Personal Training Business

Here are the aspects of the personal training industry that you really should consider before embarking on setting up a personal training business 1. How are you going to collect payments? Cash is the obvious way but is it the most professional way?

Advantages of Global Procurement Services for Your Company

It is not a very easy task to run a corporation that operates internationally. Apart from attending to the administrative tasks in your office locally, you also have to take care of the overseas operation. The reason why you have a team is for this very purpose and it includes outsourcing tasks like global procurement services.

Finding Your Personal Training Niche Market

In the last post, we discussed how we need to specialise in our personal training business so that our marketing becomes more targeted All well and good, but how do YOU work out your niche when Starting a Personal Training Business? Easy, follow these steps laid out here and work out where you should be 1. Pick a Niche that you understand and who understands you.

Niche or General Personal Trainer

When people start to build a Personal Training Business they just want to get personal training clients…nothing fancy. Just clients…ones that pay preferably so specialising in a particular area doesn’t cross their minds.

The Beginnings Of An Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who bridges the gap between a product and a group of people. This article explains the process of finding a product, finding a group of people, and forming that bridge to make a profit.

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