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Entrepreneurs: The Impact Of ‘Shark Tank’ For The Entrepreneur

By now, most people have heard of the popular ABC show “Shark Tank.” While you don’t have to be an investor or entrepreneur to enjoy the show, these two groups of people tune in each week for far more than entertainment. In fact, USA Today stated “Entrepreneurs, making ‘Shark Tank’ part of your weekly viewing is highly recommended.” The question is can you really learn that much without being on the show. The answer – absolutely!

Failing Faster, In Order To Succeed Faster!

Want to achieve success faster? You likely need to FAIL faster! You may be thinking: “Is Marcy CRAZY? Shouldn’t I be SUCCEEDING faster, not FAILING faster?!”

Working From Home – Starting an Online Business

So you’re deciding to make your own path either to make some extra money or start your own business and be your own boss. Well doing it online is still one of the best ways to make money and be your own boss. Sure competition will be there but that goes with any business. First off you don’t need to go out and pay a bunch of money to start a business you can start as an individual and then later incorporate.

Impact of Tax When Selling a Business

What is the impact of tax when selling a business? Most small business owners spend a lot of time wrestling with the decision about when they will put their business on the market and try to sell it.

Use Key Performance Metrics to Run Your Business

Do you use Key Performance Metrics to run your business? One of the truisms I’ve come to believe wholeheartedly is that no business owner is good at every aspect of owning and operating a business.

7 Simple Steps to a Better Business Plan

Here are 7 simple steps to help you create a better business plan. Determine your unique selling proposition and start with an exit strategy in mind.

Prison Break: 6 Key Constraints That Stop Small Businesses From Becoming Big Businesses

Most small businesses never grow to become big businesses. There are many reasons why. Here are the top six reasons.

Where Are You Looking?

Where you look to see how you are doing or where you want to go is very revealing. How you reference your progress dictates the outcome you will generate.

BrandCraft 1: Why You Have to Build a Brand to Grow Your Business

The only hope you have for growing your small business to a big business is to make it a brand. This is why. Second part will show you how to do it.

Thought Leadership – Yes, There Is a Formula

Thought leadership. Sounds sexy. How do you actually do it?

There Is Nothing Wrong With Being a Good Follower – It’s Part of Leadership

It has often been said that every leader is also a follower, and very few leaders have no superiors. In our society and civilization that is definitely true, and in past periods only Oligarchs, Dictators, Conquerors, Dynasties, and Machiavellian Princes could claim absolute leadership. Still, one has to ask if that was indeed really leadership or forced enslavement of everyone else to serve their will?

Things To Know About Being Successful Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur in this economic situation is not an easy decision to make. This article is a study on the global market for entrepreneurs. It is a must-read for people whose goal is to become an entrepreneur. It has tips on how to become a better entrepreneur.

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