Top 5 Business Ideas You Can Start Today With NO MONEY


Why Losing Is Better Than Winning

If you are in any kind of business, then you will lose. It goes with the territory. And when you lose, you can either blame other people for your loss. Or you can learn from it, so you get better (and have a shot of winning next time). This article contains a story about how I lost, and what I did to win the next time. Read it and see for yourself.

Employee Retention

For companies of all shapes and sizes, retaining employees is a key component to business success. But keeping employees satisfied and productive can be a challenge, even in the best companies and in the best of environments.

Security Rules of Thumb for Posting Personal Info Online

Within moments, anyone who has your name and a computer can find out more information about you and your company than you probably want them to know. Learn how to protect yourself online while maximizing the benefits of a strong Internet presence.

Do You Have the Makings of An Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur or Socialpreneur?

Have you ever wondered if you have the makings of an entrepreneur? Maybe you have a job and think that it is impossible to be entrepreneurial when you work for someone else. Or maybe, your heart is in giving back to the community and helping others but you feel confused about how to go about it.

5 Tips To Creating A Successful Business

Times are changing and the way we do business is changing as well. Many would agree the change is positive and overdue.

How To Become A Car Dealer

Being a car dealer is one of the best money makers in the UK, as well as in most parts of the world. It can cost less than the traditional new or used car dealership, but yields high sums for your work. Before you jump into this promising venture, you’ve got to learn the workings of how it’s done.

Delivered From a 3-D Business – How To Be Set Free From Delays, Difficulties and Dead Ends

Every business owner faces challenges during their life-cycle. Delays, Difficulties, and Dead Ends are apart of the business but it is the Delivery that sets you apart from others.

Branding and Marketing Your Business – How Important Is It to Have a Well Placed Website?

Are you building your Business Online? Do you have a plan for branding and marketing your business? You should…

How to Have a Successful Business Partnership

You and your friend have a great idea for a business. Your business plan is already half done. You can’t wait to get started: what could be better than working with a friend every day? To launch a successful business with another person, you need more than a business plan. You have to plan your approach to working together, too.

3 Forms of Entrepreneurial Overwhelm

Entrepreneurial overwhelm is one of the most common reasons for business failure – we don’t list it as “overwhelm” per se, but it’s the underlying cause. Overwhelm creates paralysis, it results in us searching for a “magic pill” or other quick fix and it takes our focus off what we should be doing.

Sourcing and Defining Volume Pricing Is an Absolute Must for Aspiring Consumer Product Entrepreneurs

An earnest young lady has a very interesting concept in the Infant and Juvenile product space. Like so many aspiring first time business owners she is confused about how to best organize her enterprise and move from a hobby project to a fully commercial model.

A “Wanna Be” Entrepreneur in Reality Is a “Wantrepreneur” and Will Never Be Successful

Very few of the hundreds of Consumer Product projects that any Branding and Marketing Consulting firm review each year ever go much beyond the talking stage. Talk is cheap. Dreamers dream.

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