Top 10 Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life


Unconditional Love for the Mom in Business

It can be difficult being a mom and an entrepreneur, and I’m a witness to that. Overall, your time is precious and valuable. Moms have a tendency to want to succeed at everything we get our hands on, right? It comes full circle with work and family as well.

Building a Sales Strategy for Your Small Business

For many entrepreneurs, sales can be the most dreadful part of operating their business. When small business owners struggle with sales it can often be attributed to lack of a sales strategy. Here’s how you can create an effective sales strategy for your small business: Step #1: Assess Your Business. Start by taking a look at where you’re at with your business.

People Having Fun Beating The Recession With Perfume Dropshipping in 2014

Dropshipping is all about traffic, sales and customer service. You get paid by your customers before you pay for the goods yourself.

Suddenly I Can See It!

This it It! Suddenly you See, you can touch it, it’s not far away.

The Biggest Secret to Succeeding in Coaching Industry

I see many fabulous coaches and other service based professionals: struggling to get consistent stream of clients; trying to discount their services in a desperate act of ‘manifesting’ fast cash, being exhausted of money roller coaster ride and so on.They are simply ignoring one very important thing…

How to Become a Successful Business Man

How to become a successful business man in today’s world is very difficult but also very easy if we choose a right path. For being a successful man you should have a powerful public network.

Millions of Taxi Drivers Are About to Be Unemployed

What is the future of business? And why is millions of unemployed taxi drivers crucial to how we conduct and build new business models?

So You Want To Start A New Business

Everyone thinks that the best idea to solve the recession is to work for themselves. People generally come to this conclusion when they have just been let go from their jobs and they have no idea what they are going to do with themselves.

3 Lessons From An Audacious Entrepreneur

A bold business move leads to some unexpected and amazing results. This article summarizes the lessons learned from that move and encourages you to find ways to make bold moves in your business.

What It Takes to Run Your Own Business

It takes a lot to run your business. It requires a special personality and lots of skills. A successful business requires attention to a number of functions to be sustainable and successful. Read on to learn about what is required and some insights on what to do.

Business Management Advice From Famous Entrepreneurs

Small business management is not for the faint of heart. When the inevitable struggles, scuffles and setbacks of starting a business get you down, remember that the greatest entrepreneurs of the last century have been where you stand, learned some hard lessons and succeeded. Refer back to this article as needed for advice to put you back on the road toward your business goals.

E-Providers Startups and Pricing

So you’ve started up your e-commerce company or perhaps you are a freelancer working in the exciting field of e-commerce. Maybe your services include web designing, data entry, hosting, e-consulting, social media management, etc – By the way, this is Piggi writing.

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