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Use Your Emotions to Attract Money

Have you ever noticed that some of your friends who complain that money is tight, often seem to find money to buy a new car or some other toy that a broke person can’t afford? Or maybe you’ve experienced this phenomenon yourself. You’re stressed about expenses but you find a way to get the newest iPhone or that hot new outfit.

10 Best Things About Being an Entrepreneur

I don’t often write articles with lists, but this one just begged to be written. This past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about why I do what I do. It can feel elusive. What’s so fun, energizing, and amazing about it, that I just keep being called back to it? It’s the starting point for everything, that Big Why. To keep returning to it is a great practice. It grounds you, and helps you stay aligned with your Big Why as you make decisions every day.

How Entrepreneurship Has Saved My Life and Can Save Yours If You Have Just 3 Key Qualities

Have you ever thought there was something more to life than grinding out 5 days a week at a job you don’t like just so you can enjoy 2 nights and feel discouraged that tomorrow is Monday? Me Too! Which is why I became an entrepreneur. See how it saved me from a life of misery and can save you too!

Bounce Back From Business Adversity

From time to time adversity will strike and your garden will be overrun by predators. A wily or better-connected competitor lures away an important client. Demand for your services suddenly diminishes. You are devastated and depressed. Your self-esteem is battered and bruised. It is a shattering experience yet with determination, it is sometimes possible to re-group and bounce back from overwhelming adversity.

Is It Possible to Grow a Business Based on Love and Understanding?

I was recently asked by a friend why I attended the silent retreat with Mooji a couple of years ago. And probably, more importantly, why I would do it again since that linked into the topic of the conversation.

How to Prioritize and Become More Effective

One of the toughest things to as an entrepreneur wearing many hats in your business is to prioritize. In order to become more effective, you must figure out a system that helps you to focus on what is most important and what will generate the most revenue as well as return on investment of your time, energy and efforts.

The Market

A call to action to be part of America and enjoy capitalism, a concept that makes America great! I watched my dad who was drafted in 1954 come home from serving America and work long hours to support our family. I wondered why.

Want To Be An Industry Expert? Make This One Principle Your Entire Business Model

To become an industry expert, you need tribes of believing followers. Ironically, chasing them is the worst thing you could do. Here’s a better approach:

Analysis of Women’s Entrepreneurship in South Asia

South Asia, a region where women are surrounded by tribal, feudal, religious and capitalist social formations, happens to have sustained some level of economic development for women in recent years. Unlike Western nations, South Asian women cannot freely pursue what they want. Due to their cultural norms and values, they cannot simply exercise their entrepreneurship skills in their practical lives, the way women in Western nations can.

5 Steps to Making This Year Your Best Year Yet

Each year I have clients who shut down and party for the holidays only to start back up in January a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a better start. They may even make a few resolutions and inevitably forget or give up by February. I know I’ve done this. But I’m going to make it different this year and I want you to join me to start the year as a productive reflective and planning time.

Are You LUCKY in Business?

Having goals increases your confidence, develops competencies and boosts your levels of motivation. Perhaps goals and their implementation create LUCK, when location, understanding, connection and knowledge all come together and create the synchronicity you need to be LUCKY in business.

How to Fund Your Small Business

Sufficient capital is crucial if you want to give your business a fighting chance. Here’s how to find the right funding.

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