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Get Super Clear on Your Niche

If you are a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur and are seeking to start or grow your business, it is important to be very clear about your niche. The first step in locating the clients that you want to attract is identifying who you feel most connected to serve and who you are energetically aligned with. This is accomplished by getting super clear on your niche.

Buying Laboratory Analyzers Through the Internet

Medical and scientific laboratories need different types of laboratory analyzers. Buying laboratory analyzers through the Internet has become a popular option.

3 Qualities Of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

The first thing I noticed was that the most successful entrepreneurs were all dreamers. That’s right, they all had this dream in their head on how to solve a problem or make life better for all on this earth.

How to Easily Attract Clients Who Are the Perfect Match for You

One of the biggest things that people want to learn about is how to attract new and potential clients. Regardless of what industry you are in, what product you are selling or what service you are providing, being able to attract the right client is the key.

7 Ways to Manage Entrepreneurship

I just made a list of the categories of things entrepreneurs must work on regularly and came up with ten areas. I think I just figured out why we are so busy! The question rightly asked after looking at this list is how the heck do you do it, especially since under each category there are another million little jobs to do?

Protect Yourself And Family With Cruise Ship Survival Gear – Entrepreneurial Case Study

Not long ago, I was having a conversation at Starbucks with some intellectual type thinkers of various backgrounds, all accomplished in their own rights. What started out as just a conversation about anything and everything turned into a dialogue about current events and then evolved into a brainstorm of a smart new business concept to start. Amongst the candidates were all sorts of mobile smart phone apps, high-tech devices, and believe it or not survival kits in case of an asteroid, civil war, Earthquake, Hurricane, or in case your cruise ship loses power and you are stuck at sea for a week.

An Elevator Company Focuses on Your Needs

Picking the right elevator company can help to make your business run more smoothly. Consider all of the different options and things that they can do.

Tips For Starting A Commercial Cleaning Business

One of the businesses that you can start which has a greater chance of success than others is a janitorial business. This type of business is available in almost every area but if you’re willing to work hard and do a good job for the companies where you are working, you would be surprised with how many jobs you’re able to obtain.

Starting A Commercial Cleaning Business Or A Home Cleaning Business?

There are many opportunities that are open to those who would like to start their own business. Some of them are going to keep you at home, perhaps working on the Internet or doing some other computer venture. Although these types of businesses may come and go, one business that always seems to find success is a cleaning business.

Salary Vs. Dividends for Small Business Owners in Canada

One for the common dilemmas the small business owner is facing when the tax season approaches, is whether to get paid by dividends, or by payroll, putting on the scale total money outcome for both the individual, and the corporation. Many of us have heard or read that first 40k of dividends are essentially tax-free for an individual. Being such an attractive perspective, most of us can just wonder, how did he or she not come across that valuable information earlier, and why the accountant has not told anything?

Video Production Business Tips – How to Effectively Pitch

It took me years to figure out a full proof way to sell corporate video production services to high level executives. I used to think it was all about the pitch or all about how eloquent my writing was in the form of a brochure or letter. What I realized after a lot of frustration (and money) was that it’s not what you tell these people that makes a difference. It’s first, what you ask them, and then it’s what you show them.

Will The Elevation Group Elevate You?

Are you wondering whether or not Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group will be anything for you? These personal insights will help make up your mind. A testimonial, beyond the facts that you can read everywhere else.

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