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Mastermind Alliances – Strategic Tool for Entrepreneurs

Among the tools of the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners is the Mastermind Alliance or Group. Learn the benefits, key components and access resources for finding or starting a group.

Maximizing LinkedIn As A B2B Lead Generation for IT Firms

This kind of social media show an increasingly impressive number of members, but the capability and the excellence of its platform is as well becoming genuinely useful to the marketers. But how can you exactly maximize the efficiency of this network in your IT lead generation? Here’s how to nail it.

What You Should Look for When Buying Wholesale Clothing

Many people purchase wholesale clothes and dress to save on the retail prices or to resell them at retail prices later. The ones who resell them are mostly the traders who see this as a business opportunity. Whether you are buying stitched dresses or clothes wholesale for personal or business purposes there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Six Ways to Obtain Grants and Funding for Your Business in 2013

Are you seeking to obtain a grant or funding for your business? As a Management Accountant, I work with hundreds of small businesses who are constantly seeking ways to increase cash flow and funding for their business. I work with businesses to increase cash flow, margins, ratios, and percentages on a daily basis. When companies need to expand operations they often seek for more funding. We call this the growth stage. If your business is a start up company in a growth stage and you are seeking to obtain grant money and funding for your business, here are six ways to obtain grants and funding for your business in 2013.

Want to Live In a Neighborhood of All Garage Start-Up Entrepreneurs – I Do!

It seems like everywhere you go, there are incredible number of homeowners associations, city codes, and rules for what you can’t do in your own neighborhood, and even in your own garage. It seems that to get a business license you have to jump through all kinds of hoops. This is quite unfortunate indeed, and I would submit to you that it actually hurts small business owners and our free market economy. It hurts entrepreneurs and startups. That’s the way I see it, and I’d like to take this conversation to a slightly higher level.

Environmentally Friendly Vending Machines Save the World!

Is there such a thing as an environmentally friendly vending machine? Most of them look like they are burning energy faster than the space shuttle. However, as the concern for our resources and the environment gradually becomes more widespread, it just might be time to start looking at energy efficient vending machines.

Student Entrepreneurs Taking on the World

While many college kids are busy looking for the next party, or just happy to be away from their parents, there is a new group of students with their futures… and the future of business in mind. As a matter of fact, many of these “kids” have already built a business and career before they even manage to graduate. How? By entering the world of entrepreneurship. Here are a couple of their stories.

Leaders Should Not Be Gelded

Being a leader requires industry knowledge, objectivity, intestinal fortitude, purpose, and empathy. Putting all of that together in a way that solicits respect while moving a company forward can be a very difficult place for many people.

Video Production Business Tips – How to Deal With Stressful Situations in Your Business

In our businesses, we are often so stressed out and confused by all that is happening around us on a day to day basis that we can’t stop long enough to think about the exact decisions that need to be made in order to move the business forward. This is a very dangerous place to be and here’s why.

Networking Can Help You Open A Business

Networking is a great way to help you open a business. Many people continue to dream about opening a business, but by starting to attend just one networking event a week you’ll get that much closer to reaching your dreams.

Successful Innovation in Today’s Marketplace – Short Sight or Long View Approach?

The path of the innovator, or the innovative company and the investors committed to them isn’t a short trip to through the park. It takes time and commitment every time. How will your company become extraordinary? Will you be a little-dab-will-do-ya flash in the pan type of business… here today and gone tomorrow, or will you commit your company to being a legacy business?

4 Marketing Components

Your business strategy has to be focused on a distinct message from you that attracts your customer. Yet, sometimes when things are too simple, we discount them.

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