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How a Mentor Can Help Your Success

Surrounding yourself with successful people really can make the difference between success and failure. Finding someone who can mentor you is even better. Read about why this is important.

Accountability – The Cornerstone of Success

When you think of the word “success” it is often synonymous with the word “accomplishment.” After all, you simply can’t have one without the other. But the reality is that the backbone of accomplishment and success is accountability.

Take the Time to Feel Their Pain

Ever wonder how some businesses seem to have no trouble attracting clients? You might even be looking at them and thinking that it’s not fair that they don’t have to struggle and you do! Seriously, you work hard to offer exactly what you think your clients need.

How to Be an Innovative Entrepreneur

Staying ahead of the curve is essential for success in business. Here are some great ideas to do that.

If Something You’re Doing Isn’t Working Stop It!

We’ve all had moments in our businesses when we realize something we are doing isn’t working. It may be a procedure or a mechanical device. It could be a relationship or a method set for achieving a goal. I’ve even caught myself stuck in a frame of thought that somehow prevented me from moving forward until I realized I needed to change it-and fast!

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone For Greater Success

Ever heard the saying, “If you are comfortable, you aren’t pushing yourself enough?” This is certainly true when it comes to extreme endeavors such as being a marathon runner or classical ballet dancer. I’m guessing that training for any Olympic sport rarely feels comfortable either. In fact, just attempting to get back into shape after a period of time spent away from exercising can provoke feelings of sheer agony and a serious temporary relationship with cold packs and anti-inflammatories!

Don’t Eat Bugs For Breakfast – The Importance of Setting Boundaries

Imagine this scenario. You just finished your morning run and have poured yourself a bowl of whole grain cereal with skim milk for breakfast; exactly like your doctor has recommended. You haven’t even showered yet but decide to take a moment while eating your cereal to catch up on a few emails. You even make a quick to-do list and leave it in a prominent place on your desk before returning that empty bowl to the kitchen and heading for the shower. As you walk past that box of cereal that you forgot to put back on the shelf something catches your eye. It’s moving. You stop in amazement and watch hundreds of tiny bugs crawling all over the outside of the box. Slowly the realization sinks in that your breakfast was much more than you bargained for and you had absolutely NO IDEA!

How To Make A Plan For Success In Your Business

Everywhere I go I find that the biggest challenge entrepreneur’s face is how to get more clients. In addition, the stress involved with this is almost eating people alive as they struggle with this issue in today’s economy. The most common statement I hear is “I wish I had just one more day each week to get things done!” This actually makes me smile because I used to feel that way. In fact, I used to FANTICIZE about how wonderful an eight day week would be and call day eight Playday! No work, just a full day of play. But wait, isn’t this what Saturday’s and Sunday’s are for?

How To Get Unstuck In Your Business!

Sometimes we reach a place in our businesses where we stop moving but don’t know exactly why. Here are some great tips to understand the standstill and get moving again!

The Incredible Power of Belief

You can do anything if you believe you can. This is a fact. We are our own worst enemies when we let our belief systems sabotage our success.

Make Your Fantasy Business Come True

Your ideal clients want what you love to offer. The more authentic you are in what you deliver, the more ideal clients and customers will show up. When you resent any part of your business, you create a barrier between you and your ideal clients without knowing it.

Starting an Entrepreneurial Society

I believe entrepreneurial skills, attitudes and behaviours can be learned. It’s a mindset and all mindsets are learned. The sooner we start exposing people to entrepreneurship education, creating an inclusive educational foundation that supports an individual’s lifelong learning path, starting from youth and continuing through adulthood into higher education – the faster society will be able to adapt and thrive to the continual global and economic changes.

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