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Government Incentive Programs to Jumpstart Innovation in Canada

Much focus has been placed on government incentive programs because of the lagging indicators that show that Canada is falling behind in global innovation. Efforts have been placed on revamping the flagship Canadian programs such as Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) and the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) to improve the commercialization of new technologies. IRAP and SR&ED tackle commercialization from two different perspectives.

How To Assess New Business Opportunities

Each month, Biz Buy Sell gets more than 800,000 hits from people searching for new business opportunities and from companies wanting to market their organization or franchises. Transforming incredibly hot start up company possibilities into a real company is effort.

5 Common Reasons Why People Do Not Dare to Start Their Own Business

Starting a business could be one of the most fulfilling yet daunting experience in your lifetime. When starting up a business, there could be many road-blocks that will hinder one’s path to starting a business. In this article, I’ll show you how these ‘road-blocks’ are just myths and I’ll dispel all these myths to get you starting on your first enterprise!

Why A Good Education Can Be BAD For Business

Here is a RADICAL thought-one that can change your life, eradicate the competition, and take you business to levels you may never have dreamed of. What if you stopped trying to build your business based on your skills and started to elevate you business by leveraging your worth in the market place?

Entrepreneurship Vs Business

Really what is the core reason people go into entrepreneurship vs business? Sure initially it’s to cover the essential needs like expenses (rent, mortgage, etc.) In the long term it’s about doing something profound, something that will not only change your life but will leave a legacy, something that you’ll be remembered for. Something that will make your grandkids proud. What I’m talking about is igniting that inner entrepreneur that’s inside you. Most entrepreneurs have a sleeping giant that wants to break out and say, “screw it, I’m not going to use my waking hours working for somebody else, building their dream, building their brand, leveraging me like a pawn I refuse to do that.”

Heart Connection – The True Key to Business Success!

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years now. Throughout that time I’ve had several businesses, some profitable, some not so much. Reflecting back there were times in which I had a positive bottom line and I felt good about myself. I felt successful. When the bottom line was not so positive, I felt bad about myself. My lack of “success” made my self esteem plummet. If I was making money, then all was well, if not, I would feel less than. Why is that? Why would I feel successful if I was profitable and not if I was not? I was buying into the rule that you must be profitable to be considered a business and if you were not, then what were you doing anyway? Playing at business and failing?

A Million Reasons To Settle SBA 504 Loans Sooner Than Later

I recently had a client who owed the SBA $1 Million following a short sale of his commercial real estate (it was a 504 loan). After the short sale, he got some bad advice and offered a nominal amount to settle, which was quickly rejected. After rejecting the offer, the CDC (the company that services the SBA loan) referred the file to the US Treasury for collection, and had a 28% penalty added to the loan balance.

Starting a Company With a Guaranteed Bank Account

A vital component to operating a business is the ability to accept payments for services and goods. In addition a payment card is required when buying items for the company. Having a working bank account is essential for any company especially operating in a world where ecommerce is so prevalent. Without a guaranteed bank account a company may be useless.

How to Blend Ecommerce Into Your Home Based Business

Ecommerce is the key to online marketing.  Home based business owners are searching for connections.

Mompreneur Secrets – Key Steps To Having It All

Mompreneurs are successful in balancing life at home and work. But what are their secrets and how do they make it work? Find out how to have a business and a baby as one of today’s amazing mompreneurs.

Will Certifications Create Business Success For You?

Are you caught up in the circle of certifications? Do you think a certification will set up you and your business for success? There are governing groups who say they will certify you and your organization in just about anything.

5 Important Advantages of Lean Manufacturing

Lots of companies in the manufacturing sector use Lean manufacturing techniques, using the example set by Toyota Motor Corp. This car manufacturer has been able to revamp its business entirely in the face of increasing competition because of the highly efficient production practices it follows. The core of this practice is to ensure the proper utilization of resources in order to create value for the end customer.

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