The Stock Market Just Peaked


Your Place in the Market

Jack Cohen, founder of Tescos and one of the most successful marketers of his generation is reputed to have said that his market philosophy was ‘stack-’em-high-and-sell-’em-cheap’. It might not be poetry but it is clear; Jack knew where he stood in the market place. Do you?

The Evolution of a Woman Entrepreneur

When I think about my own entrepreneurial journey, I visualize five phases in the evolution of a woman entrepreneur. Once you understand each phase, you’ll begin to see where you are in your entrepreneurial evolution.

Video Production Business Tips – Reasons NOT to Upgrade Video Production Gear

We can all find reasons to upgrade our video production equipment and software. Industry magazines tell us we should and equipment/software manufacturers advocate we do so we’ll have access to the new features available in the upgrade. There are thousands of people in production forums throughout the world who believe that staying up to date with current upgrades and technology is crucial to being competitive in the video production industry.

Can An Entrepreneur Have A Balanced Life?

Do you feel imbalanced as an entrepreneur? Are you struggling to feel more connected and in tune with everything that you have to do? This article will challenge you to rethink what you’ve been taught about “balance”, and how you can begin bringing order and effectiveness into your life as a busy entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur’s Take on Products and Services

The nature of your products and services may be self-evident to you given the rest of your business model, but will they be self-evident to your clients or your financiers. Take a new cake making business, is it selling bread and scones, or is it producing bespoke decorated cakes for special events. Who are their customers, supermarkets buying hundreds or thousands on a single order, or are they one-offs sold direct to the public.

Good Business Ideas – Discover The Secrets of Successful Mompreneurs

  If you are a work at home mom, it is important to learn about good business ideas and how to spot them. It is difficult to find jobs that you can work from home while managing the daunting challenge of raising your children. If you could start your own small business, you would be able to control the workflow so that it fits around your schedule.

Mompreneurs – Why Now Is The Best Time To Start Your Own Business

There has never been a better time to start your own business from home, even if you have young children. Discover why the mompreneur movement is now so strong and successful.

Truck Washing Entrepreneur Considerations Discussed

There are so many businesses someone can start in a great nation like the United States. We have a free-market economy so obviously that comes with huge benefits. Not long ago, someone asked me about starting a truck wash and was wondering if this might be a good time in 2012-2014. Oh, you know it could be, and the trucking industry does have some advantages. Right now towards the end of 2012 we see it is one of just a few sectors of our economy with a shortage of labor – truck drivers in particularly.

The Truth About Business Plans

Look at any advice on starting a business and the so-called experts say “write a business plan.” This article unvails the biggest myth about business plans.

Video Production Business Tips: Tips to Raise Your Income As a Video Production Owner

Many video production business owners find it difficult to increase their sales. Everybody has his own strategy in maintaining revenue. In my case, I found some tips to be effective in keeping my video business on track. You might find these helpful in boosting your income.

The Right Stuff

Perhaps the key question for any new entrepreneur is am I the right type to start-up and run a new company? Experience of management in a large and established company may seem to be good training for the task at hand, and specialist skills in the central technology of your new business might seem to be the ideal starting point for your new business, but there are skills and qualities that you will need in your new venture that may not have been tested in your life up to this point.

How to Become an Entrepreneur – Top 10 Tips That Will Help You Beat the Odds of Failure and Succeed

If you want to become an entrepreneur, there are several tips that you will need to learn more about. I have covered 10 of the most important ones here. There are lots of more but you will learn them after some practice, reading and going to seminars. Be eager to learn and you will create a successful business that can change lives and make the world a better place.

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