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Does Marketing Still Work?

Is your marketing plan working for you? Do you even have one? Read on for tips on how to get marketing working for your business.

A Simple 8 Step Process to Build Your Business

Often, entrepreneurs are learning business building strategies from many different sources and ending up with a big pile of ‘stuff’. They pick strategies from the pile and begin implementing without a blueprint. The end result is a flurry of action, a bit of overwhelm and disappointment from the lack of payoff.

Be Careful With Deceptive Tactics In Dealing With Competition, Catching the Eye of Regulators

Most people who start out their small business are quite quick to learn that their competition doesn’t play fair. In fact, they use all sorts of underhanded tactics, some of them are actually illegal, to get the upper hand. When this happens, sometimes it makes sense to fight fire with fire, even though it goes against common decency, although still staying in legal bounds. Machiavellian theory is sometimes hard to swallow, but you owe it to yourself and your investment to stay ahead of the game, and the competition.

Planning and the Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs know that any new business needs to be planned: the only argument is about ‘how much planning’ does it need?. It is just as harmful to plan a good business idea into oblivion, as to blunder into an investment of your time and wealth without planning.

5 Keys to Success in Business

Are you aware of the reasons you keep getting the same unwanted results day in and day out? The only thing keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself why you can’t have it. There are countless books, blogs, and even information written on cave walls which depict the road to success and abundant riches.

5 Top Tips To Be A Motivated Entrepreneur

Motivation can be a key factor in whether someone decides to continue as an aspiring entrepreneur. This article discusses some useful tips and ideas to ensure you can remain motivated on your journey as an entrepreneur.

You Can’t Feel Your Feelings, And Make Money In Business, Can You?

“Feeling your feelings doesn’t make money in business.” This was a statement a business lead said me once. I disagree with it completely, as my own experience has been quite the opposite.

How to Have a Successful Business

What it is to really have a great business. You have to improve your life in general to have a success in anything. Focus on your spiritual, mental, and physical life to be a success in business.

Is Your Merchant Account Trustworthy?

If you are a business owner and you are switching your merchant account or you are just attaining one, this post will really help you out. I am going to give you great tips on how to pick the right company so you don’t end up paying way to much like many other business owners. Before I give them to you, I really suggest you do your due diligence and not just take my word for it.

Cloud Computing Is Perfect for Fast Growing Hispanic Businesses

Latino owned businesses are the fastest growing business segment in the US, today. Cloud Computing services can help them localize information when crossing borders and working in international market places. Read more to learn more about IT advancements that can serve Latino entrepreneurs everywhere.

Steve Jobs: 9 Valuable Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Steve Jobs was a truly inspiring man whose beliefs and practices have inspired many people. Following are the top nine most inspiring lessons I have learned from Steve Jobs:

How to Survive the Gap Between the Old and the New

As I was reading through the journals I kept during the last year, I stumbled upon the entry I wrote on July 1st, 2011. I forgot all about that day. Thankfully.

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