The Stock Market Is ABOUT TO BOTTOM


Big Match Temperament for Size-Conscious Homo Sapiens

Homo sapiens get spectacularly hung up on size. We’d love to see our business become an inter-continental, ocean-spanning, towers-in-the-cloud world leader, but at the same time, we’re terrified of competing on such a big scale. Sports teams representing their countries at international contests are taught a lot about how to deal with this dynamic. They are taught: The psychology of big-match temperament.

Tips for Pitching Funding Sources

Whether its pitching Angels or Venture Capitalists for a startup, debt sources for an established business or potential new equity partners here are some simple tips that will greatly increase your chances for success: BE HONEST – The bottom line is anyone with funds to provide is going to be smart enough to do their own due diligence & most likely has enough experience to be able to tell when something isn’t right. Be you and be honest at the start and make everybody’s lives a lot easier.

Entrepreneurial Selling – A Sales and Market Dance

Securing a new company’s first revenue is a monumental milestone.  It is the sum of an entrepreneur’s purpose and a company’s vision/mission which has successfully injected passion into the psyche of every employee, contractor, intern and vendor of the company and most importantly, the VALUE (ROI) of the new product thoroughly understood by a customer.

An Alternate Universe

When someone’s responses don’t match the conversation you’re having, you can feel as though you are living in an alternate universe. While this can be deadly in a relationship, it can also be the reason so many companies are having to close their doors.

How To Succeed As A Small Business Owner

Being a business owner draws mixed emotions and joys to different people. If the business is thriving well, it is certainly a joy to any owner. Starting a business may be an easy task, but maintaining it and ensuring it grows is the biggest challenge. However, it could also be a source of pain and suffering if it is not well managed.

How to Know When to Let It Go?

Most articles on small business cover failures or successes. Very few cover how to determine which is yours. And what to do about it. Here are the six steps to determine whether to give it up or keep going.

Getting Over the Stereotype – Being a Professional Organizer

The Professional Organizer/Productivity Consultant Industry is relatively new and what one does takes on different forms. The world view of a Professional Organizer is often shaped by media and misconception. This Professional Organizer entered the industry facing those stereotypes and realized her place in the organizing community.

Mastering the Mindset of Successful Entrepreneurs

Just “doing” something often isn’t enough to succeed as an entrepreneur. Often it takes working on your mindset so that you have the courage or mental toughness to make the right decisions. Here are 5 keys to mastering the entrepreneur’s mindset.

Unique Businesses Will Stand Out From Their Competitors

Most business operators want people to think of their business as unique or different; yet when they list their unique qualities, there are usually hundreds of other businesses that say the same thing. This article suggests that a business operator should try to be more ‘surrealistic’ when setting up the unique qualities of their business. There is an outstanding example of a business that does just that and can be called truly unique by making the customer feel truly special.

Business Strategies to Know to Start Your Own Business

This is a common point that many new business entrepreneurs seem to get stuck on when venturing into a new business endeavor for the first time. To be truthful, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. If you say the title above in simple English, the answer should come to you and stay with you. If you have trouble with the statement of business strategies to know, think of it as another way of saying what will the market support in the marketplace today? With our economy such as it is, and bearing in fact that people must have what they WANT, not what they necessarily need, what will the market support?

Buying an Existing Business in Default – What Do I Do Right Out of the Gate?

Have you ever considered buying a business? Many people do because they realize that starting a business from scratch is a real tough thing to do. Anyway, not long ago, I was talking to a gentleman who has considered getting into a retail business, he has good solid experience in the sector, however this would be a retail type service sector. Now then, he asks probably one of the most important questions of all, one I think you too should consider if you are going to buy an existing business, or revamp one which is new to you.

5 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Show Gratitude

Gratitude is an influential energy that you must send out in the process of actualizing your desires. Gratitude sends out the message that you already have what you desire. This is similar to how the law of attraction works; you need to think and act as if the object of your desire is already a part of your reality. Gratitude keeps you connected to your power.

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