The Real Reason I Left California


Solving Another Problem: Improving Web Presence and Brand Awareness

This article details a problem you could encounter while starting your own pizza business, a lack of web presence and brand awareness. You can find some solutions to solving this problem that you can use.

Solving a Problem: Getting Money for Your Business

Hey there everybody! For this particular article I am going to provide some ideas that you can use in case you’re struggling with getting some money that you can use to get your pizza business going. Please note that this is a condensed version of an article that I have up on my website.

Internet Schemes Debunked: They Are Laughing at You and What You Can Do About That

The dizzying world of internet marketing! Take all the “get-rich-quick” schemes you ever heard and feed them a megadose of steroids. And many have the expected result. No longer is a sucker being born every minute but one every half second. Our declining standard of living (real money buying power not credit) opens a trap that exposes us all to a new generation of unscrupulous exploiters. And many fall into it. See that it does not happen to you. It may not hurt your pocket, although it can do that too, as much as it can hurt your self-esteem.

Christmas and Business

Christmas is about connecting with the people around us, giving thanks, and celebrating. But, the business world has shaped some of our best loved Christmas traditions over the years.

Advantages of Audio Training In Becoming A Successful Internet Entrepreneur And Online Marketer

As an entrepreneur, whether your business is on the Internet or not, it is very important to keep in mind the things that you feed your mind. You really have to take the information that enters your brain VERY seriously, because little do you know, it can alter the course of your thinking, which in turn, can even alter the results you have and ultimately your destiny! What does this have to do with being an Internet Entrepreneur? Well the principles are still the same. You have to feed into your mind the things that are actually useful and constructive to you rather than the negative, destructive things that don’t help you get to your goals at all. That’s why it is important to consistently feed your mind with various types of training such as video training, reading and in this case, we’re going to look at why audio training has certain advantages.

Setting The Foundation: The Root of Optimal Success

Ever wonder what the “root” or pre-requisite of success is? If you are serious about achieving optimal success in business, then this article would be a good read for you.

3 Steps for Successful Business Growth

There are only 3 simple steps to follow for you to have a successful lasting business. Many businesses fail by overcomplicating matters. Keep it simple and succeed.

Having a System Is Everything

This morning, as I struggled to find my black pants, dug through a box to find my black shoes, struggled again in the kitchen looking for the frying pan and trying to find the salt for my eggs, it occurred to me that having a system is everything. Not that I hadn’t realized this before, but I finally realized this week after my family moved into our new house, what makes it so hard about moving is the lack of systems and lack of an organized environment. Not only do I find it stressful and frustrating, it’s…

How To Start An Online Business – Women Entrepreneurs Age 50 and Better

Do you ever dream of being your own boss? Inside this article you’ll be given five reasons why you should consider having your own business be it online or offline.

6 Strategies to Balance Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Design a business that works for your lifestyle, not the other way around. This is possible – if you know what levers to pull so that you can be more efficient, productive in managing your time and leveraging your efforts.

Get More Done and Have Fun Doing It!

The pace of work is approaching warp speed and the distinction between work and leisure time is no longer clear. New devices, gadgetry and systems help you get more done and have more fun doing it!

Could You Work Through a Major Disruption?

What if you were subjected to some sort of disruption that, while not of the same magnitude as Hurricane Sandy, required major adjustments on your part to keep your business up and running? Perhaps something regional or local — something clients or customers might not even be aware of. You never know when something will happen that you’re totally unprepared for. How would you continue the most critical aspects of your business?

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