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Running a Restaurant for Profit and Optimal Customer Experience

The restaurant industry thrives on providing an experience for the customer more than anything else. Dispositions, quality of restaurant equipment, overall rhythm: all of these and more come together at the customer’s table to create the product that they paid for, their experience. The following are a few talking points to remember when analyzing how your restaurant accommodates the customer’s experience.

“Brave New World” – Business Sans Borders

Businesses now function beyond borders with technological advancements disrupting the lines that divide them. The outsourcing industry has benefited from this progress, drawing the world together.

Don’t Do It For The Money

The biggest reason business owners aren’t attracting the dollars equal to their value, is their mindset with business and money. When you start doing things for the money, some of your marketing mojo and attractiveness are diminished. Do what you love, and get unattached to the money.

Success or Failure Comes When the Unexpected Happens

Internet Marketing has propelled the home based business entrepreneur to new levels of success and growth. However, that’s not always true for everyone who owns an Internet Business.

Go Where The Energy Is

You don’t know what you don’t know. Why it’s important to get into the slipstream of the industry energy.

Clear Cobwebs of Clutter From Your Holistic Health Practice

Is your path to success blocked with cobwebs of clutter and confusion? To serve more people, create more profit in your practice, and enjoy more freedom in your life, you need to clear away the cobwebs of negativity, confusion and overwhelm that clutter your mindset and distract you from moving along the path to success.

Do Not Start Without A Business Plan!

Business plans are absolutely necessary for a beginning company. Funding, credit, growth, and success are almost always tied to how thorough the business plan of a company is. You might be surprised at what one of the most important elements is to writing a good business plan: objectivity.

Tips for Opening Your Your Own Flower Shop

This is a deal breaker, if you really don’t like flowers that much, think about how you will feel growing them, cutting them, wrapping them, talking about them, and growing some more. It sounds wonderful to be surrounded by flowers all day, but a flower shop I went into last week had most of the store crammed with birthday cards, baby bears, and fake cane baskets. Very few flowers were to be seen.

7 Reasons Why Young People Should Start Their Own Business Today

Despite the general economic doom and gloom, bank lending and business outlook – now is exactly the right time for a young person or teen to start their own business. Here are 7 reasons why every young person should start their own business…

Business Building Lessons From a Surfer

As I looked out over the peaceful beach I noticed a lone surfer enjoying the thrills of riding the waves. The water was challenging because the waves weren’t very high – there wasn’t much to ride on and yet, this surfer was making the most of it. Time after time he caught a wave and rode it all the way in to the shore. I observed something special about this particular surfer – something that enabled him to get the same successful result even in difficult conditions. The knowledge and application of this secret is what separates many successful businesses from those that perpetually struggle.

Can a Person Make Money Online Successfully? Part I

For the past few months (since April 2012) – I have gone through a very extensive study of making money online and being an internet marketer. This article gives some preliminary findings of what the challenges are and some solutions.

It’s the Little Things: Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is critical and if you don’t proof your work, check your details and make sure everything is in order, it can totally derail your endeavors. Have you ever attended an event, received a letter, an email or read a book that had something missing, a typographical error or promised a gift and didn’t deliver? I know I have. And when that happens, no matter how successful, groundbreaking or impactful the thing was, all you can focus on is what was missing.

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