The Market Is About To Drop – Again


The Magic Years

A period of time when you can really build value in your company. A period of time when your objective is to define and dominate your space. The timing of the Magic Years is decided by you and your team. It’s not for the fainthearted. Wealth is not being created. It is disappointing to me but not surprising that 90% of private company value is created by 5% of the companies.

5 Keys to Create a Thriving Business With Cash Flow

One of the challenges I see frequently when meeting with solo-entrepreneurs who have been in business for less than 5 years and are trying to build a solid business, is an inability to ensure that they get to keep a significant amount of the money that they earn. Most people who start a business fail to understand the significance of creating and managing a budget, largely because they don’t have a budget in their personal lives. I’ve heard it said recently that “how you do money is how you do everything.”

Can You Find Hidden Profits in Your Business?

What really makes the difference between a really profitable business and one that never comes anywhere near its’ full potential? I will give you a clue; it is something that Google does… a lot.

Smart Women And The Tug of Transition

This article is about using some simple tips to start considering entrepreneurship or starting your own business. Summer is the perfect time to go exploring. I invite you to discover what might be next for you. The journey begins by taking the first step.

5 Habits of This Highly Successful Marketing Guru

Why this network marketing guru doesn’t SUCK at network marketing… What are the 5 habits of highly successful marketing gurus?

How to Start a Logistics Business in India

Indian logistics industry has a huge market and is growing rapidly. Starting a logistics company in India requires various factors to be taken into consideration. These include investment, business risks, registration and compliance, acquisition of customers and dealing with competition.

Female Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Investment

The world has changed. Women are getting more absorbingly occupied in the world of entrepreneurship today. This is because many women tend to invest more conservatively than most men when talking about financial matters whether within the four walls of their home or in the real world outside.

A Root Cause of The GFC, The Federal Reserve System – A Story of Fed Researcher Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins is the author of The Secrets of the Federal Reserve and an oft-cited researcher in this field. Eustace has gone through fire to reveal the hidden power and influence of the Fed. As you are reading this story of Eustace, it will become increasingly clear to you why the Fed is such a popular topic regarding the GFC and why the Fed’s power could be so influential in the GFC.

Popular Sentiment Regarding The GFC

The most popular problems, issues, and questions regarding the GFC? Following what proved to be useful advice, I recently decided to research popular sentiment regarding the GFC – the global financial crisis.

How to Start a Business

The foundation of a successful business is the right person providing the right solution to meet the needs of the right people at the right time. Every business is supposed to be a solution, the best possible solution to a need. Like an answer to a present-and a future-question.

Should You Buy An Existing Business

With a tough job market, many people are looking at their options, one of them is to buy an existing business. This may be a great decision, but there are a lot of pitfalls and if you haven’t had experience with the purchase of an existing business or ever done the analysis on one, this is an area you need to tread carefully in so that you are not taken advantage of.

What Are Your Performance Management Indicators?

Does your performance management measure sales growth indicators? What are the best Key 3 performance management indicators for small business growth? How do you use the Key 3 performance management indicators to grow your small business?

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