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Prospects are very important to your business! They connect with you and they have a HIGH level of interest in what you offer. For whatever reason, they’re not ready to buy from you right now. In the future, when they are ready, they will want YOU, not someone else.

Entrepreneurs: Risk Takers or Risk Mitigators?

Entrepreneurs have vision, creativity, and knowledge to take a chance at a business that is their own. When it comes to risk, are entrepreneurs risk takers or risk mitigators?

Use Workplace Games and Rewards To Win In Business

Innovative companies and their leaders are motivating their employees and other stakeholders by finding competitive ways to encourage value-focused activities. Rewarding results for showing progress have been used in business for generations. What is new and innovative however, is the use of games, game points, badges and other awards to incentivize and encourage value added activities that produce faster results and the rewards from these results: New markets, new business and more loyal customers.

Fight Your Fear of Success

People tend to want to do something, and then talk themselves out of it, because they think they can’t do it, or they think it’s too hard. Do you have a fear of success?

Four Key Factors for Success in Business

Regardless of your education or skill level starting and running a business takes commitment and perseverance. Facts state that 97% of business fail within the first 5 years. For home-based businesses most people quit in the first 90 days. All the dreams and aspirations quickly turn into excuses, procrastination, and the blame game.

Why You Should Read The E Myth Revisited

Living the entrepreneurial dream is as simple as hanging out your own shingle and then enjoying the freedom that comes with being your own boss. Although this is a bit of an oversimplification, too many business owners go into business under the misconception that since they are good at what they do, running a successful business will be easy and that once they get it up and running, they’ll enjoy the big bank account and flexible schedule that comes with running their own company. Unfortunately this entrepreneurial fairytale is just a myth.

Taking Your Business From Good to Great

What separates good businesses from really great businesses? The answer to this question is of great value to entrepreneurs everywhere. I know that I’m always on the look-out for great ideas that I can use in my business and I’ll bet that you are too. This question was the subject of a book that I’ve found to be extremely helpful in improving my company.

Do You Have Permission To Be A Leader?

Leadership is something that is earned. It’s not enough to just look like a leader but we must also be given the gift of leadership through our example to others.

Eliminate More Stakeholder Costs by Helping Customers Develop Superior Business Models

If your customer is going to lose market share, have problems, or even fail, you should clearly step in to help your customer to survive and to prosper. If you are tactful in such circumstances, your advice will be welcome.

What If Network Marketing Works?

Part of you wants it to be something that could work for you, but maybe you haven’t seen too many examples of success around you to believe that it is true. I want to dispel some myths and thoughts on the industry as a whole. There is real success in network marketing!

Are Entrepreneurs Everywhere?

Are entrepreneurs everywhere? According to many statistics, entrepreneurship is alive and well. More opportunities exist than ever before to help individuals learn the necessary skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

The Guru Product Blueprints for Small Businesses

An important piece of Guru Product Blueprints is outsourcing. Outsourcing is the practice of hiring outside organizations to handle tasks that are typically done within a particular company. Mostly composed of administrative work, these tasks include accounting, distribution, and payroll processing.

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