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Part 12 – Do First Things First

As a successful entrepreneur you must be able to focus and concentrate single-mindedly on the one activity that will help is the most to accomplish your goal. That means that you must know what that critical success activity is and to identify it you must first know exactly where you’re going, or want to go, and set up clearly defined goal.

Turn Fear Into Profits

What are you avoiding that you know would shove you into a higher profit set point? Even if you failed before at this very thing, are you willing to be a detective and scout out solutions to make it work for your business? Who can you ask for help, mentoring or expertise?

Do You Know Why Buying a Franchise Is Smart?

Franchising is the fastest way to own a business and it’s also the safest way to start a business. When you buy a franchise, you avoid the mistakes and risks that an entrepreneur faces. As a franchisee, you are paying for experience and expertise. You can get great value by investing in the right franchise.

3 Reasons Others Don’t See Your Vision

If you are an entrepreneur pursuing your dream and find it difficult to convey your excitement about your endeavor, you are not alone. The problem is not your fault or your communication skills, it is because your message is falling on deaf ears. Fortunately it is an obstacle that can be overcome once you understand the three reasons why it could be happening.

When Strength Fails, Persistence Helps

Being an entrepreneur you experience high and low tides for your company. The key is to be persistent, even if you lose strength, do not give up. Make most of every experience by learning from your mistakes and keep moving in the direction of taking your organization to the next step to success.

6 Legitimate Ways to Work From Home

In an economy that is struggling, making extra money is something that many of us want to do. Let’s face it, minimum wage doesn’t often go as far as it needs to, and part-time work rarely is enough to pay the bills. Because of this, many of us are looking for ways to work from home that pay reliably and can add a few extra hundred dollars a month.

Would You Like Some Extra Bacon? – A Business Success Statement

“Would you like some extra bacon?” is exactly what the waitress asked our table. Everyone said, “Yes M ‘am, please.” The aroma of bacon and sounds of the meat sizzling in the kitchen pervaded our minds and senses. Thirty minutes later, the orders were delivered to our table and each plate had two tiny slices of bacon on it. The slices were so tiny that we joked if this was the ‘extra’ bacon. The regular bacon order must be invisible bacon.

Do You Really Need a Traffic Manager to Handle LTL and Your Other Transportation/Logistics Needs?

You don’t necessarily need a traffic manager on staff to handle your transportation and logistics needs. In many cases, partnering with the right logistics provider can result in lower shipping costs, greater flexibility and access to a wider and deeper pool of logistics expertise.

Why a Business Plan Is Important

A business plan grants you access to the essentials required to move your company from concept to creation. It can either make you or break you. Communicating your message in a succinct and clear manner will allow you to attract the executive team, funding, and overall support required to get your business started. Having a business plan helps:

Three Mistakes Transformational Coaches Should Avoid

While many people associate learning a new task with a list of “how to” items, it can be just as beneficial to know what not to do as well. Learning from past mistakes that others have made allows you to sidestep them in your own path and more quickly obtain your goal. In fact, focusing on what not to do can often lead you down the path that is most effective and rewarding!

The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Execution is a huge problem in business today. We spend more time strategizing, and very little time executing the strategy. Here are four simple steps to better execution and success.

Eagle Electric’s Secret Sauce

Networking may be a lost art in business today. We all go to networking groups and chamber meetings, but we don’t go the extra mile to care about our clients, customers, and prospects. The owner of Eagle Electric went the extra mile every Friday or Saturday by giving some of his customers his wife’s favorite spaghetti sauce. The sauce is excellent and the gesture brought Eagle Electric tons of business. We may not have that special sauce to give, but if we go that extra networking mile, we could get a ton of business too.

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