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7 Signs That You’re Ready To Become An Entrepreneur

Have you been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug? Are you an 8-to-5 employee bored to death at work wishing you could do something more in your life? If you’ve already got a rough sketch of your business plan but still undecided if you will push through, here are some signs to check if you’re ready to pave the way to entrepreneurship.

The Top 3 Reasons Small Businesses Fail To Grow

As someone who works from home, I can tell you that keeping up with change can be a challenge. Change in your own business, change on the internet, change in social media, change in software…

The Pros and Cons of a Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship business is one where a single person owns the enterprise. A sole proprietor fully owns and controls the enterprise. This implies that he or she also bears all the risks and enjoys all the benefits that result from operating the business. What then, are the advantages and disadvantages of a sole proprietorship business?

Smart Women Make It Easy for Their Ideal Client to Say “Yes!”

Smart women know the first step in marketing their business is establishing a feeling of belief and trust with their ideal client. Here are six tips and solutions that are guaranteed to help you attract and embrace more clients if you follow them.

4 Qualities That All Entrepreneurs Must Have

Entrepreneurship is not about fame & fortune. I’ve no doubt that some entrepreneurs focuses on that but generally, successful entrepreneurs don’t make headlines. They would rather be low-profile & deliver results! They dedicate their time to create clarity on their vision, headhunt talents for their core team, improve their business systems, think of ways to value add their employees & customers, and focus all their time towards a greater purpose!

Getting to the Truth

Many entrepreneurs are too easily put off by the ‘half answer’. In the hurly burly of setting up a business, or running an on-going business it’s all too easy to see a whole bunch of trees and difficult to see that together they constitute a wood.

Ask for What You Want

Remember, the first part of the law of attraction is to ask. To ask for what you truly want, in your heart of hearts. If you really want world peace, that’s OK. If you really want a Ferrari, that’s equally OK. The universe has endless diversity and can satisfy any wish. Everyone’s wish can be unique.

Sustainable Startup Business Ideas

Starting a business at this time when even the world’s major economies are struggling to keep up with the economic crisis can be a big challenge. There are people who believe that while this is true, this is actually the best time to start a business provided you have the right startup business ideas in mind.

See Your Business Succeed With a Good Business Plan

In the world today everyone dreams of being self-employed and as soon as they save enough capital, they start their new business. They all hope to make handsome profit. During the first months things might go well but then later things start going down and eventually the business is closed. It is so sad to see your hard earned savings disappearing into the thin air without you noticing but as the saying goes prevention is better than cure.

Vending Machine Locations: The Key To Success In Vending!

The key to making It In vending like real estate and most good businesses is the location. The tips in this article can save you time money and headaches.

Why Businesses Falter

Understanding why businesses fail is the key to launching a successful one: after all Titanic was 97% perfect even after she hit the iceberg. For a while the lights were on, the band was playing, meals were being served. It was a 50ft tear on one side of her shell plating, which, taking both sides of the ship was 1765ft long: just 3% was damaged.

Shouldn’t Labor Day Be a Day to Honor the Job Providers, Entrepreneurs, and Industrial Capitalists?

Over the last few years on Labor Day, I have asked myself why it is that we do not celebrate all the industrial capitalists, entrepreneurs, small business people and agencies that provide all the jobs for all the workers and employees in this country. Indeed, I completely understand why we celebrate those that do the work, because without them the society and civilization would collapse, businesses don’t run themselves, neither does the government. Whereas, many agencies are very automated and many businesses run with robotic labor, it still takes people to make it all work, or it’s just not going to happen.

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