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Is Your Story Working for You?

We’ve all got limiting beliefs. You know some of them. Others you don’t. You may have gone to personal growth workshops and thought you discovered them all. I’m sure you didn’t.

4 Top Traits Of An Entrepreneur

Anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur has probably questioned what traits a successful entrepreneur has. Four traits which can support an individual to be a successful entrepreneur are highlighted and discussed within this article.

What Entrepreneurs Should Know – Incoming Telemarketing Sales In Your Small Business

Oh, I guess it’s been a year or so now, but I was in a local business asking questions while I was at the cash register ready to buy something. The questions I was asking had to do with a much larger purchase in the same store. In the middle of our conversation the phone rang, and the cashier/manager answered the phone, got into a long conversation, and basically forgot all about me, 4-5 minutes later, I am thinking; really? Needless to say, I left my merchandise on the counter, and walked out. As I left, I looked back and the individual looked rather perplexed, like; what’s my problem?

How Should I Invest $10,000 to Create a Constant Flow of Income

In this article, the amount of $10,000 is discussed as a starting point for anyone with that amount looking to get into investing. The aim is to prompt users to take action by making use of a small portion of that money for experimentation, so as to gain a positive outlook on which structures will work for them.

What Doesn’t Kill You Will Make You A Little Stronger

I know how much pain a hurtful comment can dish out. You likely do too. We remember those times even the first times that something happened and you felt like it was going to kill you. It could have been an unkind word or a broken heart. No matter, what doesn’t kill you will make you a little stronger.

How Should I Invest $10,000 – 10 Different Baskets to Put Each of Your Eggs In

This article deals with investors who have the amount of $10,000, or more, to invest. The main aim is to point budding investors in the right direction, by way of the industry into which to pump their money.

4 Pillars Foundation for Your Home Based Business

Usually, people who are successful in business are motivated by the opportunity to improve their income and lifestyle for their family. Also, it may be the opportunity to make a difference in other areas as well.

Smart Women Survive Summer Break

Women entrepreneurs everywhere are experiencing the same dilemma and asking themselves the same question: “How do I manage my business while navigating the kids during summer break?” Before you dive into summer, take a few minutes to read these quick tips that will make your days more enjoyable.

How to Start a Daycare – Quick and Easy Steps to Opening a Home Daycare

As a business, opting to open a daycare would definitely be a good idea, especially if the market promises to be good. Here are several quick and easy steps to get you on the right path open a daycare in your home.

How To Start A Recruitment Agency: 3 Mistakes Most People Make

Starting a recruitment agency might seem like a good idea. Let’s face it how hard can it be? Companies need employees so logic says it would be sensible to outsource the grunt work to someone else and then just pay them for the service they deliver as a recruitment agency. As a recruiter then, all you need to do is match up the client and the candidate and then hey presto you send out a large invoice. In fact over the month you send out many and everyone is happy, especially your significant other, and your bank manager. The reality though is a little different.

How to Make Money Into More Money – Don’t Work for Your Income, Make It Work for You

This article explores how people can take the money they have and turn it into more money. The concept communicated is about how to move away from being a slave to the dollar and rather letting the dollar be your slave.

How to Make the First Million Dollars – Climbing the First Mountain

Many people know just how hard it is to make that first million. This article aims to explore that notion and suggest ways in which to approach making that first million.

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