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You saw that title and thought you were about to find the ultimate solution on where to find a steady stream of buyers for your products and services, didn’t you? Well, you are.

Doing Business in the Middle East

As with any new professional venture, you need to be aware of differences in the culture when doing business in the Middle East, like Qatar for example. While you may find that you’re working with a lot of expats due to the large international population, when you deal with your sponsor or other nationals, you want to make sure you create a good impression.

How to Increase Business Efficiency

Driving your business often revolves around increasing your business’ efficiency. Here are some tips to help increase efficiency and overcome a few common challenges every business faces.

Are You Ready to Go Back to Your Corporate Job?

So you left your comfy corporate safety net to start your own business. Well alright, maybe you didn’t have a choice. Does going back to work for somebody else appeal to you now?

Success in Business Is Started With the Power of Numbers

The power of numbers – Many would say businesses are built by concepts, products, services, sales, marketing and the discussion continues. A successful business is built by the power of numbers. You will save yourself a tremendous amount of time, money and effort by beginning with this formula as one of your foundational questions to answer. Here are a few examples of why the power of numbers is the driving force behind building a successful business…

Naming Your Business: Four Steps to Legally Protect Your Business Name

Opening a business is a big undertaking. In addition to all the decisions about start up costs, products and services, marketing and other critical elements, you also need to think about the legal aspects. One fundamental decision that may well bridge across all those factors is naming your business.

Are You Interested in a “Portable” Business?

What does a portable business mean? It is the opportunity to be your own boss, work when you want and how you want and work on your own terms and in your own location-with the ability to pick up and go whenever you want to. It’s the ability to follow your own agenda and not follow after someone else’s agenda.

Drop the Dreams and Establish Solid Goals and Plans In Order to Succeed in Start-Up Business

The goal driven inventor, entrepreneur or small business candidate might not possess the knowledge or necessary skill sets necessary to immediately commercialize their plans. But they recognize their shortcomings and are fully committed to working, studying and researching their way toward gaining that knowledge.

College Campuses Are Amazing Resources for Entrepreneurs to Utilize When Launching a Business

The modern university is an amazing amalgam of talent, facilities, knowledge, money and energy. Students are almost universally ambitious. Faculty is experienced and keen to see their student charges succeed in their chosen fields. College administrators are excited to leverage their facilities and resources in ways that drive institutional reputations and endowments. This is the perfect confluence of opportunity and assets for innovators seeking to commercialize their novel business concepts.

3 Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Dr. Ray Kralovic was a reluctant entrepreneur and was “thrown into the pool”. He pushed a product idea so hard at his place of employment that he was fired (at the company picnic). As Paul Harvey used to say, there is the rest of the story. Ray started a company called Steris, changed the world of surgery, and now has a multi-billion dollar organization.

10 Steps For Business To Business Partnership Deals

There are many important stages to creating a successful business to business partnership deal. Generally all B2B partnerships keep to a few basic steps from initiation to execution. The following are ten points to be aware of while moving through the process of establishing a business to business partnership.

Things to Consider Before Starting a New Business Overseas

It’s said so often that we live in a ‘global village’ or that technology has resulted in boundaries between countries becoming less tangible than ever, but anyone who starts up a business with the intention of serving a multi-national audience needs to give the matter plenty of careful thought. However, there are plenty of examples around of companies which have found that their products are in demand in many other territories than their own, and each of these has had to follow a learning curve to get those products to where that demand exists. The keys…

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