The Bull Market Of 2022 | Did We Just Hit Bottom?


The Mission Statement: Friend or Foe?

The idea of a having a ‘Mission Statement’ for your new company may well appal you. It has a whiff of pretension about it, the sort of thing you see in gold letters behind the teller at your bank, talking of ‘customer focus’ and a ‘one-stop shop’ as he or she tells you that you can’t have an overdraft or that they are calling in your loan.

3 Factors to Consider When Writing a Business Plan

Planning the future of your start-up is a mandatory aspect of establishing it’s success. Whether you’re in the rudimentary, intermediate, or advanced phase of your business development, having this in place will provide you with a road map for accomplishing the goals you set.

The Foundation of Time Management: What’s Your WHY?

How about a new way of handling time? Where we consciously decide what to do? Where we are able to start AND finish our high-priority tasks? Where our energy level stays up and we don’t get bogged down with avoiding or procrastinating? Where we have a reasonable to-do list that actually gets done?

Learn How to Get an Extensive Amount of Video Production Contracts

If you have a knack on writing impressive proposals, you have a better chance of winning more contracts and producing more profits for your video production business. If this is the case, you’ll need this to take your video production business to the next level. I will tell you how I write my proposals because these are the proposals I use to get those big contracts and earn a big amount of money.

Using Your White Paper to Improve Your Online Business

You may not have thought about the benefits of a white paper for your online business. But a white paper is one sure-fire way of giving your internet marketing campaign a boost. In these days of email marketing, social networking and free ebooks, a white paper can stand out as something unique that will get you more attention and help to lead to more sales.

How Conversions Not Traffic Will Make Your Online Business Succeed

Everyone wants to increase traffic to their websites. After all, more traffic increases the odds, statistically speaking, of making more conversions. If a shop is crammed full of people, there’s a good chance that it’s making more money than when it’s empty. But if lots of people visit the shop and no sales are made, then this all means nothing. And it’s the same with your website. You only succeed if you manage to convert those prospects into customers.

Opening a Store

For some people it’s a passion they were born with, for others it’s a discovery they make later in life, but for everyone the first question they want to know is how to open a store. Some steps to opening a store are standard; others depend on where you live and what kind of store you want to open.

8 Things I Learned by Age 31 That I Wish I Had Learned by 21

I’m only 31 years of age, being the very reflective individual that I am, I can be found staring at walls at times thinking about the past. I realize that there have been some lessons that I really wish I learned much earlier in life and it would be robbery, I feel, if I didn’t share some of these principles.

Video Production Business Tips – Get Rid Of Video Production Equipment Clutter to Make Money

When I get hold of video production equipment, I don’t have any intentions of taking it away. I want to keep things as long as I can. I still believe that there are a lot of video production owners who have the same attitude when it comes to buying gear.

Renegade Businessman Chip Conley

In your business, should you just obey the manuals and follow the status quo? In this article, see how successful entrepreneur Chip Conley followed his own truth despite the critics.

Reasons Why Would-Be Entrepreneurs Should Make Business Startups Right

Business startups are always accompanied with risks, but provide new opportunities too. You will notice that those new technology driven startups firms have huge return on investments. These firms are driven by research and introduce new things which are proven to be in demand. Those behind these startups firms are senior executives and have the experience in managing businesses. So, business startups investing offer lots of opportunities for bankers and venture capitalists.

Neglecting Calls May Result in Abandoned Video Production Business Profits

As a video production business owner, I bet you don’t always answer your phone when you see that the number is unfamiliar to you. In these cases, you allow voicemail to do its job. You think that if the call is urgent, a message will be left.

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