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RIPping Of The Rear View Mirror – Sometimes In Life, You Have to Forget the Past – Good Or Bad

The successful entrepreneur has understood and fully embraced the term ripping off the rear view mirror for his life and business ventures. Sometimes you have to let go of a bad (loss) or even good (profit) thing for projected higher successes. Deciding to get rid of the rear-view mirror and assertively but carefully and steadily keep on moving can be pure bliss.

Reinventing Yourself For Business Success

All Saint’s Eve or All Hallow’s Eve, better known as Halloween was one of my favorite holidays while living in America. Not because of the unthinkable yet delectable recipes that would be brewing in many houses, or the aura of mystical excitement that lingered in the air, nor the amazing prettifications and creative adornments that had a way of pleasantly surprising me every year, but, mainly, because one could choose to be anyone they wanted to be and celebrate with their friends on their new one day creation. It is on this pretentious, yet very exciting day that you can feign just for a little more than 12 hours and live like you would imagine who or what you admire lives.

Working With a Life Coach to Give Your Business a Head Start

As a novice entrepreneur, you are fully dedicated to your business. You work hard. You are constantly under a lot of pressure. You are full of enthusiasm, but at the same time you have doubts and fears as well. You can overcome the things which are holding you back and step on the path to success with the professional assistance of a life coach. You can do better not only in business, but in every sphere of your life.

Entrepreneurs Go Where Others Fear to Tread

To get this far you would have been fearless, sometimes reckless in the knowledge there is no such thing as a risk-free proposition. You placed your destiny into your own hands and boldly ventured forth, often working to the point of exhaustion focusing constantly on your original vision.

5 Things We As Professionals Should Remember!

I often find things that make me go – hmmmmm and I always wonder why someone would do that. This article addresses a few of my “hmmmmm’s” and how I would handle them.

Money Or The Box – You Choose

Suppose you wake up one morning and as you’re taking your coffee or enjoying some great Kenyan tea, a great voice speaks to you and says, “I will grant your life’s desires now but you have to choose between two things offered.” “What are the choices,” you ask with excitement. “The first is a sack full of money and the second is great business options and the knowledge to successfully execute them.” What would you choose?

BEST BUSINESS IDEAS – Low Cost Business Ideas – Become a Tour Guide

Do you know your city like the back of your hand? Maybe you live in an area like the Napa Valley, or perhaps you know the best biking routes through a popular scenic area. If so, you can leverage one of the best low budget business ideas by becoming a tour guide. Tourists, travelers and others are more than willing to pay good money to have someone experienced show them things they would otherwise not experience. You don’t have to live in Paris, London or Napa to do it, either.

BEST BUSINESS IDEAS – Identifying a Worthwhile Business Option

More and more everyday people are choosing to take their fate into their own hands. They’re getting out of the rat race and starting their own businesses, becoming their own bosses. It’s rewarding, both personally and financially. However, you’ll need to understand how to separate the best business ideas from those that aren’t right for you. Not all business options are the same, and what’s good for one person will be a poor fit for another. How do you judge? Follow these tips.

BEST BUSINESS IDEAS – Create a House Clean-Out Company

Residential cleaning services are nothing new, but you can capitalize on the growing demand in one of the niches within this industry. Creating a house clean-out company is one of the best side business ideas for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that there are few businesses out there that specialize in this type of service. Another benefit is the fact that this type of company can grow with you, allowing you to start out working nights or weekends and then going fulltime down the road. What should you know?

BEST BUSINESS IDEAS – Become a Personal Chef

Love to cook but don’t have the bankroll to start your own restaurant? Leverage this low cost business start-up option and become a personal chef or a home caterer. If you’ve got good culinary skills and the drive to feed your customers, there’s a lot of room to become successful here. You’ll also find a lot of benefits over owning your own restaurant, as well.

BEST BUSINESS IDEAS – Starting a Pool Maintenance Service

Swimming pools are places for the family to come together for fun and togetherness. They’re great for fitness. They enhance the value of a home, as well. However, they’re also maintenance intensive and homeowners need to stay on the ball to keep their water fresh, clean and safe. There’s also a lot of seasonal maintenance that needs to be done. That’s what makes starting a pool maintenance company one of the better cash business ideas out there.

BEST BUSINESS IDEAS – Becoming a Children’s Party Planner

For moms seeking a way to bring in additional income, or even making a complete career swap, there are quite a few options out there. However, one of the best business ideas for moms is to become a children’s party planner. As the recession fades away, more and more families are willing to spend big money to make their kid’s special day even better. Moms with a knack for planning and a sense of style can turn that to their advantage. What’s Involved?

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