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How to Launch a High Octane Business Part 1

Momentum! High Octane Businesses Ownership is all about fueling business ownership from the “inside” out! Are you frustrated in the marketplace? Are you tired of being a consumer, mainly and not a producer? Is the thought of owning your own business rising in intensity? Would you be willing to move your ideas from your own private collection of thoughts to the marketplace? If you answered yes, you are on your way to making some really BIG decisions about your future! Join me in a series of articles that talk about fueling High Octane Business Ownership!

Scaling a Start-Up

The good news is, whatever it is you are doing, it appears to be working. The bad news? It won’t work at scale. Now what?

Top 10 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

You are in control of how much money you make – You and only you get to decide how much money you make. More effort equals more money.

A Simple Way to Increase Your Business’ Production

All business owners are looking for simple ways to increase their production, and this simple method allows you to achieve this goal in almost no time at all. Read more to find out how…

6 Ways to Increase Your Visibility

Why increasing your visibility is important for growing your business. How to increase your visibility when you’ve been in business for 2 years or less.

What Do You Do When a Client Flakes on You?

It was the summer of 2007. I was in what can only be described as a horrific limbo, personally and professionally. After eleven years as a law firm employed attorney I’d just started my first business as a lawyer.

9 Reasons Why You Can Cash In On RARITY To Explode Any Business Opportunity

What is the most awesome resource that we marketers have access to? It has to be our own “self” since we all have been born with uniquely different personalities. What is it about “YOU” that personally stands out among others in your favor? You can take advantage of this difference and make a fortune by just knowing about it. Below are 9 reasons why you can capitalize on this resource of individual difference or RARITY.

How to Start Your Own Business (Part 1): Choosing a Business

Starting your own business seems like such a simple concept. In actuality, it’s woven with hundreds of complexities, most of which you don’t have answers for in the beginning.

How Made in the USA Is a Competitive Advantage

It is hard to imagine that making a home electronic product in the USA could actually be a competitive advantage. Companies do still produce domestically and with great results. The strategy is trading the downside of higher wage costs for a better more reliable product. Consumers take notice and a market advantage ensues.

6 Tips For Keeping The Momentum

If you’re going to keep your business running efficiently and effectively, as well as keep it growing, keeping the momentum is imperative. Sometimes this is easier said than done so here are a few tips to help you:

Starting a Business – The Best Investment Could Be In Yourself

The current economy has created opportunities for many to choose a life of entrepreneurship. Possibly the best place for your money is investing it in yourself.

A Turnkey Business Package Is Easier To Budget

When planning to start a business, there are many business model options from which to choose. Investing in a turnkey business package will allow for budgeting because the expenses are anticipated and most are included in the purchase price. That creates an opportunity to budget due to few unexpected expenses.

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