The 7 Best Fiverr Gigs For Building Your Business


Millionaire Mindset: 100 Reasons To Exercise

Learn how to cultivate your millionaire mindset with the powerful 100 reasons why exercise that will rewire your brain for success. Coming up with 100 reasons why you must make $XXX per month does more for your mindset than you think!

Owning Your Company – The Sixth C

Cash. Car. Credit card. Condominium. Country club. Is there anything else that should be added to the almighty list of Five Cs to make life more awesome than it already is, apart from concubine? (Just kidding) Introducing the sixth C with drum roll and clash of cymbal, which is, Owning your own company!

Why Do Small-Businesses Fail?

Why do businesses fail? Sometimes it is due to internal decisions and planning, other times it’s due to external influences. Most small business fail due to lack of capital, and planning.

7 Traits That Will Make You A Successful Entrepreneur

At least once in your professional career, you must have met someone who is extremely driven that you don’t know how that person pulls it off. Self-made entrepreneurs who succeed in their endeavors are rare nowadays. The rest of us struggle to make a big break and fail… miserably. So what makes these successful entrepreneurs special?

Is a Merchant Cash Advance Right for Your Business?

Merchant Cash advances are exploding in popularity as a way of funding retail businesses. What is it, how does it work and how can it help your business? If the banks refuse you financing for your business find out if a merchant cash advance is a viable solution to your cash flow needs.

Essentials of Writing a Business Plan

Business plans are an essential component of a business, as they serve as a road map of what your business is, and where you are heading. A good business plan is one that anyone can pick up and understand what your business is all about. This will be a living breathing document that you will update from time to time as you figure out different, and better methods that work for your business instead.

4 Essentials Areas of a Business

Got that entrepreneurial spirit? Great, this article will help underline some essential, but otherwise very critical functions of your newly formed business. You may have a good business idea, however you also need to have a solid business structure in place to serve as the foundation.

How To Cultivate Appreciation In Your Busy Business Life

Operating your life – and your business – from a state of appreciation is one of the most important elements of success. Big accomplishments do not exist on their own. Each ‘big’ business achievement is the culmination of many small events. However, most people don’t pay attention to the small things because they’re working desperately toward that big milestone.

Defining the Principles of Success Series – Part 1

In this series we will discuss key elements of success. These elements of success were followed by some of the most known successful people in American history such as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Henry Ford just to name a few. These elements are tried and true principles that will lead one to success no matter their background, age or nationality. All that is required is an open mind and an ability to apply these elements until ones desired level of success is reached.

The Real Way to Sell Your Stuff

I used to hate planning. Why plan, when you can just get into action? Fortunately, and unfortunately, playing that way got me to six figures in my business. I kept doing my business the only way I’d practiced up to that point…

Question Your Premises

No matter what field you’re in, there always seems to be a usual way of doing things, accepted practices, and conventional beliefs. But how often are conventional beliefs simply an excuse to avoid the really difficult work of critical thinking?

Momepreneur – Self Motivate And Plan Ahead

The female workforce is constantly having to make choices between career and family. After investing heavily both financially and emotionally in their education and building their careers, motherhood can often complicate even the most well-laid plans.

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