The 5 Millionaire Investing Habits That Changed My Life


Job Vs Business Owner

What is the meaning of having a JOB, and how secure are you of keeping that JOB? Why do we work and make that commitment day in and day out every single day, month after month, year after year giving 120% to a company who we work for? The answer is the majority of the time we do this is to provide for our families, and work week after week just to get by. Many people are working extremely hard with the reward of just getting by living paycheck to paycheck which is sad.

Why My Failure Was My Biggest Success

It started so well, 2012. After months of planning, the end of March was going to decide it all. The Liquid Art Fair, Liquid Gallery’s pet project, was due to launch on 31st March.

Thing You Need to Know to Start a New Business

Every year, many people start with a new business in the hope of building a career in the industry, but most of them face failure as result. The most common reason is lack of knowledge and the mistakes they had committed at the time of start up. In this article, I have shared some useful tips to start a successful business.

Owning Your Work Vs Working For Someone Else

People regularly talk about the idea of starting their own business to escape the doldrums of working for someone else. However, few attempt the idea and realize the actual differences between being an employee and being an entrepreneur. Freedom vs.

Part 15 – Develop Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do the things you know you ought to do, without someone making you do them. In my experience as an academic and practitioner in entrepreneurship I have seen no human quality or characteristic that has as such an overwhelming impact on the success of entrepreneurs and millionaire as that of self-discipline. If you want to be as successful entrepreneur and millionaire you must develop this habit of self-discipline because it is without doubt the single most important characteristic that you will ensure your success in all areas of your life. success of entrepreneurs and millionaire as that of self-discipline.

Entrepreneurship – A Perfect Solution of Unemployment

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of this century. The main reason of this problem is over population. Entrepreneurship is a good solution for the problem of unemployment and I have discussed about the same in this article.

Part 18 – Stay Healthy

One of the most important habits any person can have is to try and be as healthy as possible. Yet we all know that as human beings we neglect this habit and we are more inclined to take our health for granted. It may seem an obvious issue but why is it so important in the case of successful entrepreneurs and millionaires?

Part 16 – Inherent Creativity

If you study any good empirical definition of entrepreneurship, you will find that it contains the words creativity and innovation as indispensable parts of the entrepreneurial process. By the very nature of successful entrepreneurship and getting rich, the process requires a high degree of creative input.

Part 17 – Develop Your Networking Skills

The saying goes: It is not always what you know but who you know that leads to success. Who you know refers to the circle of contacts and relationships that you have built up around you. A large part of your success and happiness in your career and in life will depend on the quality of these relationships that you have developed in your personal and business life. Businesses operate within a network of people. The process of starting and growing a business, to achieve wealth, involves interaction with others to supply and receive resources, advice, information and assistance.

The One Secret You Need To Know To Market Any Product

There are some core ingredients to marketing your product and doing that successfully. A recent definition of marketing stated: Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers. Marketing might sometimes be interpreted as the art of selling products, but selling is only a small fraction of marketing. As the term “Marketing” may replace “Advertising” it is the overall strategy and function of promoting a product or service to the customer. What can you do that will help you in marketing your product?

Part 13 – Develop a Reputation for Good Service

A reputation is the opinion that people have about someone or something because of what has happened in the past. It is important that millionaires and successful entrepreneurs build a good reputation because that is what would induce customers to demand their services over and over again. To build a good reputation takes effort and time. To lose a good reputation can happen instantly and stop you in your tracks from becoming successful. To make money by being dishonest simply doesn’t work.

Part 14 – Repeated Goal Setting

If you can create wealth, it probably means that you know how to make money, get rich, keep the money you’ve made and how to belong to the millionaire society. But what is the nature of goal setting during this process? One of the biggest myths is that you can simply set a single big goal, focus and visualize, take action to reach the goal and all will be well.Unfortunately, life simply isn’t like that. Life consists of ups and downs, moving targets, changing environments, successes and failures, and stumbling blocks and challenges that must be overcome. The nature of life moves in cycles where you experience good times and bad times in your life.

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