The 2022 Everything Bubble Is About To Pop


5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail And How To Avoid It

Is your business not making profits? Do you know what is wrong? If not, find out what’s holding you back from making money in your business.

Individual Mental Effort With An Imagined Virtual Team – One Brain Speaks For Missing Members

This article is about; how to form a group think tank in your own mind without calling a meeting. Let me ask you something; have you ever been in a committee meeting, asked a question of the group or an individual and they gave you back literally word-for-word the exact answer you expected them to give you? It happens to me all the time, why do you think this is? Because their expertise and advice is predictable, but if you already know what they are going to say, why are you wasting their time calling them into a meeting in the first place?

Entrepreneurs Are the First to Overcome the Economic Crisis

A positive attitude is encouraging many of these people to take a new path to entrepreneurship. Those that have chosen not to be intimidated by the crisis, are confronting the situation head on, and embarking on a business venture.

The (Not So) Innocent Stapler

Most people think a stapler is innocent enough. As an entrepreneur, it goes without saying that you need a stapler. You can get a decent one for about ten dollars at your local office supplies store, and for a few dollars more, you can get a supply of staples that will last longer than the stapler itself. They are very inexpensive. It’s hard to imagine even a single work station not having a stapler either sitting on top of the desk or accessible in the most convenient desk drawer. And if you happen to own one of those extra-large staplers that cost a fortune and can staple 50 or 60 pages together, you’re likely to have it chained and locked to your desk.

Smart Women Exercise Their Easiest Marketing Muscle

Follow-up is a marketing muscle that you must exercise if you desire to be successful in business. Here are some tips and solutions that are guaranteed to attract more clients and more income when you use them.

5 Ways in Which 5S Can Benefit Your Company

Lean management consists of a variety of highly effective principles and 5S is one of them. It gets its name from five Japanese words that denote its steps. They are Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Straighten), Seiso (Shine), Seiketsu (Standardize), and Shitsuke (Sustain).

Three Ways to Recognize Great Content in Your Own Business

We constantly hear that “great content” is essential to authentic marketing, but would you recognize great content even if you were already sitting on it? Here are three ways to see the great content that is ready to be released from your own business.

Upgrade Your Management Talents – From Marketing Skills to Managing Success

Many new entrepreneurs are absolutely brilliant at gauging customer interests and delivering on the desires of the consumer. When it comes to marketing and branding, well they just rock. The money seems to flow in like water, along with massive numbers of customers through referrals from there. Still, as fast as they are making money, it seems to go right out again with expenses. Their employees are into it, the customers love it, but there is little if any real efficiency or accountability. This is a recipe for future failure and a huge crash if things are not brought back into relative perspective.

Management Challenges With Slacking Employees – Friendliness Versus Business

All too often small companies grow organically, and you end up hiring all of your friends. Normally, that would seem fine, a great big happy family, but not all is well, as this continues and familiarity breeds contempt. Well, this is a problem and it must be taken to task sooner than later as the company grows otherwise new hires feel slighted as it appears to unfair.

How to Build Influence and Get Clients 101!

Whether you recognize this or not, being a business owner means you occupy a leadership position in your community. This could be a large community or a small one. It could be geographical or professional.

Rich Dad Poor Dad, A Flower Shop And Tough Lesson Learned

In 2001 the entrepreneurship bug bit me big time when I read the world famous Rich Dad Poor Dad book. I’m sure I was not the only one, the book sold millions of copies worldwide and has expanded into an empire. I devoured the book, I read three times in a row. I got out highlighters and notebooks and I studied the book page by page.

The Cost of a Earning a Gold Medal in Business

Since the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games, the world has been captivated by the world’s best athletes competing for the gold medal. Inspirational athlete Gabby Douglas, who left her family at young age in order to achieve her dream, took the gold in the gymnastics’ all-around; and swimming legend Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of all-time, as people around the world were left in awe of what hard work and dedication can achieve. While we are not all Olympians, and most of us will never know what it feels like to…

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