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Make Money on Your iPhone

Your iPhone does everything for you. It tells you where to go, what songs you might like, what restaurants are nearby, it even tells you how to spell. It does everything for you. Except make you money and pay the bills. Until now. Read on to learn how to make your iPhone a cash machine.

Should An Entrepreneur Consider Starting a Truck Washing Business Now?

Well, someone inquired the other day about setting up a truck washing business on the West Coast. Out here we have Oregon, Washington State, and California all of which lean left on the political spectrum, and that can mean trouble for businesses as they get a little heavy handed on the regulation side of things. Often for no good reason, but they sure want to feel important. It’s hard to say why this is, and we can’t really blame the Obama Administration, although I often feel the need too. You see, it’s been like this in California and really the entire West Coast for over 3-decades.

Cooperative Entrepreneur – The Benefits of Collaboration

There are benefits of a cooperative entrepreneur. It is not always that an entrepreneur can venture in business alone. There are reasons that will make an entrepreneur to team with other entrepreneurs. This article gives you tips of things to consider before collaborating with another entrepreneur.

Pricing for Entrepreneurs

Not everyone can be Walmart, or a high end operator like Harrods. Every company must set its market strategy and price to match that strategy. It is better to sell a little less in a high value package that allows you to offer a service that will have your present customer recruiting your future customer.

Starting and Managing Your Business

In today’s high unemployment market, one area to explore is the pursuit of creating a new business for yourself. This article sheds light on this topic by sharing best practices and success tips from someone who built not one but three businesses.

Why You Should Have a Business Mentor

Whether you’re starting or expanding your business, there may come a point where you’re unsure of your next steps. Having a business mentor will help diminish the doubts you may have regarding certain decisions.

How To Jump Into a New Profit Bracket

Can you plan for a big profit increase? You can absolutely envision, plan and implement to see the exact results you desire, but there are some critical mindset strategies that must be included. The ideal strategies, mentors, resources and ideas will literally land in your lap.

Video Production Business Tips – Expediting Payments From Video Production Clients

After running your video production business for so long, you’ll soon realize that receiving timely payments from your video business clients can often be a challenge. Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years that can speed up this process.

Video Production Business Tips – Relying on Sub-Contractors to Grow a Video Production Business

In my video production business, clients really don’t even know how many people I actually have working for me. The mystery is what makes it great. Is he a small company or a really big company? No one really knows. All they know and really care about is that I deliver – and deliver better than most if not all of my local competitors who are fighting for the same level of project.

Qatar – A Great Place to Start a New Business

For anyone looking at doing business in Qatar, now is the ideal time to start getting your plans in place. Setting up a new business in Qatar has never been easier with the assistance of expert locals, so why not look into it a little more?

Use Your Innate Impact for Purposeful Business

Do you feel that something is missing in your professional life? Is there a pressure or a fear that you don’t have it quite right? It could be as significant as feeling you’re in the wrong line of work, or as simple as knowing you need the courage to amplify your voice in the world to fulfill your life work. We all long to make a contribution that is received, to make a difference in the world. If the task feels daunting, it can take some time to clarify the specific details of your unique piece of the puzzle.The way to resolve this dilemma is to get curious about what aspect of your life purpose is not yet actualized.

How to Get Back in the Zone: Ten Strategies for Improved Clarity and Focus

Maybe you’re discouraged; you’re not sure what needs to be done next; and you’re questioning whether you are doing a good job. If this line of thinking continues, you may start asking yourself: Should I have stayed in my old job? Maybe my friend is right and this new business won’t work out. Maybe I’ll have to get a “real job”?! Let’s nip those thoughts right in the bud! Here are ten strategies to help you get more focus and clarity.

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