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Picking Up After A Fall

For the budding, struggling, entrepreneurs, investors and business persons that continue to shape the future of this beautiful world – success often comes from mistakes and the ability to learn though constructive criticism or broken relationships. Getting up after a major shake or fall that might or might not be self-induced, is not easy but moving on and rectifying your past ways is the true and only way to success and personal healing.

Realise Your Financial Dreams Today – Tomorrow Holds No Promise

Avoid thinking too much about a venture; instead convert your ideas into products to reap the benefits of innovation. Procrastination may kill innovative ventures even before they are implemented.

Listen Well and Win

Become a great listener and experience the power in being able to truly connect with others. Listen well, ask questions, and care about the answers. You will discover things about people that will be fascinating and you will be seen as a caring, interesting person.

How to Coach an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are some of the most challenging yet rewarding clients a professional coach may attract. They possess unique traits and if understood and appreciated can make for the most rewarding coach/client relationship. Many coaches fail to appreciate the unique qualities of an entrepreneur and how to approach the client relationship.

Are You Leaving Big Money On The Table?

Are you always asking for the business? Let go of fear or rejection because you’ll never know unless you ASK.

How To Create And Implement Your Company Vision

Without a clear vision your company and its employees will have no idea where they are headed. Creating a vision statement helps you and the rest of your organization see exactly where you want to be in 3, 5, 10, or 20 years. A vision will inspire, unite and motivate your team but it needs to be clear, concise and a reflection of your values and mission. By involving your team with the creation of a vision you will obtain their trust, respect and insights.

Before You Begin Building A Membership Site – Part 2

A basic WordPress installation, plus some basic text-based content, should take up less than 100 MB of space on your host’s server. However, unless you know you won’t be taking up that much space, I’d recommend going with at least 250 MB of space. This gives your site room to grow, and to store lesson content. I do not recommend going with a host who offers you “unlimited space.” Remember, they’re offering that to each and every one of their other customers too, and some of them are going to take as much space as possible. More importantly, they will also take the computing power of that server, leaving you with a slow-running site.

Five Steps in Hiring a Lawyer for Your Small Business

Hiring a good lawyer is crucial for your small business because the lawyer represents at court of law the interests of your business. Hiring a lawyer is, therefore, an important decision you make. It requires planning and research. This involves looking into the biographical information – whether the lawyer charges for an initial interview, the kind of clients they represent, fees structure and the estimated time needed to complete your case.

Your Business, Made to Order

When starting or running a business, getting guidance and learning from others is highly recommended. However, you also need to adapt what you learn to your own personality and style. Remember to also use your own guidance and try different things to find out what works best for you.

All There Is To Know To Start A Pressure Washing Business

Starting a Pressure Washing Business is a lot like starting any other business. The planning and researching remains the same for every business. There are things to know and consider, for starting a Pressure Washing Business.

Business Cards Are Oldies But Goodies

Business cards are one of the basic marketing tools of an entrepreneur. Don’t leave home without them. Here are some of the does and don’ts of designing a business card.

5 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

Every business owner has a story to tell of a lesson or two on their journey to success. Many of the greatest lessons have come from times that have been humbling mistakes or errors. Why make the same mistakes others have made? Learn what you can do to prevent them from happening to you.

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