Stock Market Mistakes To Avoid


How To Stay Focused On the Important Stuff

Successfully running a company requires diligent focus on the most important things of the business. It is very easy to get caught in your drama and lose site of this. Here is what to do to stay focused.

Are You Ready to Recreate a Business That Is Spectacularly Unique?

This is the story of four companies, in the same industry, in the same town. It is a perfect study of mission and vision statements. Even though these business owners were in the same industry, were direct competitors, and had the same prospects, their purpose and companies were amazingly different. Who you are, what your purpose is, and where you want to go can be completely different and should be from anyone else. When you can differentiate yourself on this high level, you create a business that is not only spectacularly unique but also creates greater happiness for everyone involved.

The Best Aspects of Owning a Business

I own my own business. It is a business that I didn’t have to create on my own. I sell a wonderful product that I am proud of. But this business is more than that to me.

Advice For Female Entrepreneurs – How To Turn Your Home Office In To A Productivity Palace

So, you’ve quit your day job and are ready to launch your business–from home. On the plus side, working from home can help female business owners keep costs down. However, the temptations of working from home are all around. This article will ensure that female entrepreneurs create a “productivity palace” to avoid distraction and ensure operational efficiency.

How To Master A Hypnotic Sales Pitch Using AIDA Marketing

Most people see the world as they wish it was or they think it should be. So they find themselves upset at the way things are going because ending results are hardly in their favor. They’re confused and constantly at odds with the way things are going. But not a salesman. A salesman sees the world for what it is. He isn’t trying to change people’s behavior; he is trying to understand people’s behavior. And this understanding makes it that much easier to master a hypnotic sales pitch. To be frank, it isn’t hard; you just have to be more conscious than the average person out there.

Creativity and Business – A Creative Revolution

We seem to be in a creative revolution. In business, this revolution is changing the way we bring our products and services to the public, but it is also changing the very nature of those products and services. Being online is still a revolutionary act: it goes against the general wisdom that, to get ahead, you must work for years, work your way up through the ranks and end up a junior manager of junior managers.

Fastest Way to Make Money Online?

What Is the Fastest Way to Make Money Online? There are many ways to make money online, however you need to know how to choose fantastic opportunities from those that are simple junk.

The Accidental Business – Part I of II

Laid off again! My claims adjusting work dried up overnight and I didn’t have a single consulting project lined up. With time on my hands, I pulled out the “honey-do” list and got busy.

Micro, Small, Medium, Large: Which Are You?

Most business owners don’t know what size business they are. The majority believe they are a “Small Business” when the reality is that most small businesses are actually Micro Businesses. This can have a significant impact in the way your strategize and grow your business.

3 Ways to Completely Dominate Your Niche As An Entrepreneur

As a small business owner in this dog-eat-dog world, there is no room for second best in any category. If you want to grow your business and get a ahead, you need to specialize and dominate your niche.

A Rowboat, Motorboat, Helicopter and Missing Ingredient

The missing ingredient in the movie the Secret. How to use the law of attraction to grow your business.

Prune Your Way To Success

Success is a beautiful thing for those who achieve it. For others on their way to achieving success, it is an exciting experience. There are however processes which everyone on the path to achieving success must pass through.

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