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Avoiding Potential Legal Issues in Your Medical Practice

All health care professionals including advanced practice clinicians (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) want to prevent any potential legal actions related to the excellent care they provide. Let me first start off by saying, I am not an attorney and I don’t play one in real life, on TV or on the internet. I had never even been in a real courtroom until recently.

How To Raise Your Authority As an Entrepreneur

It is a fact that we hire individuals that are authorities in their industry. We are willing to throw our money at them, almost effortlessly. Are you currently in the infant status of creating your own online presence?

The Part Time CFO’s Starter Guide to Successfully Selling Your Business

Is this the wrong time to think about selling your business? Is it too tough in today’s economic downturn? Many business owners think so, even if their business is trending well. What they don’t realize is that, rather ironically, during times when irrational fears keep many sellers from bringing their companies to market, pent-up demand by buyers creates a robust and welcoming marketplace for those that are for sale.

8 Major Reasons Why You and Your Business Are On Bad Terms

Entrepreneurship is quite an adventure with lots of opportunities for growth and transformation (particularly in conscious business). It requires a certain level of innovation, risk-taking, truth-telling, willingness to be different and self-directed, and the ability to think BIG. Many of the entrepreneurs that I meet are really great at what they do and how they offer it, but have yet to learn the “how” of being an entrepreneur and allowing it to be their lifestyle.

How Entrepreneurs Should Plan

Here’s a question for you. As an entrepreneur, how do you plan your work? How do you decide what to do each day?

6 Ways That Entrepreneurs Should Manage Themselves

If you’ve ever had a “job,” then you’ll know that your supervisor carried many responsibilities that extended beyond those of your own. His or her authority included planning the work that needed to be done, determining how it would be done, and where and when it would be accomplished. In addition, he or she would coordinate all of the activities required to achieve whatever targets had been assigned from those further up the hierarchy, and estimated how much of his or her budget would be necessary to reach them.

The Myth of Competitive Advantage

The term, competitive advantage, was first introduced in the 1980s, and rapidly became the most desirable corporate commodity since jelly beans took up residence on Ronald Reagan’s desk. No only wanted to admit that they didn’t have it, and to do so was to invite disdain from almost anyone else in business.

Women Entrepreneurs – How to Get to the Front of the Line

As women, many of us spend a lot of time waiting in the back of the line. It starts when we’re kids, and sometimes continues throughout our wholes lives! However, you have a choice: You can start today, right now, and move to the front of the line.

Incident To Insurance Billing: Proceed With Caution

In most situations, this applies to Medicare, but it is possible that your state Medicaid payer, as well as some commercial insurers have adopted, or will adopt these rules. So what’s the deal about incident to?

3 Ways To Adapt Your Core Business

No doubt you’ve heard the worn out mantra that the only thing that’s constant is change. But, have you ever thought about how change could affect your core business?

S Corp Vs C Corp

A for-profit business that wants to incorporate has two types of corporations to choose from: S corp and C corp. In this article, we’ll take a close look at each of these for-profit corporations so that you can make the choice that will benefit your unique situation the most.

Business Plans for Getting a Business Loan

This article focuses on how to properly produce a business plan for a business loan. There is also a discussion of elements that must be included in a business plan specific for a bank.

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