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Time Management for Entrepreneurs – The Mandatory Paradigm Shift

As an entrepreneur, you get to choose how much you want to earn per hour, and then act like it until it becomes a reality for you. Learn the appropriate balance between high ROI activities and getting menial tasks done. Your time is the only asset you can’t get back, guard it with your life and “spend” it wisely (just like money) and you will see results very quickly.

Entrepreneurs Need to Learn to Say No

Having too much on your entrepreneurial plate will spell failure for your business. Knowing how to say ‘no’ is the most important way to prevent this.

Plan for Profits

Money is everywhere. Any product or service can be your catalyst to wealth if you stop thinking you need someone to give you a break. You can increase your capacity to receive more income by changing your relationship with money. See it as something readily available to you, in any amount you want.

Are You Guilty of Having a Financial Affair in Your Business?

This article compares and contrast marital and financial affairs, the latter of which entails making one’s self minimally available, time- and/or money-wise. Whether or not they’re revealed or kept swept under the rug, these love and money affairs have a direct negative impact on one’s business or career. The intricacies of, and voyeuristic qualities associated with this intimate and yet practical article makes it a must read!

Starting Your Own Real Estate Agency – Building a List

One of the hardest parts of starting your own real estate agency is creating and building your client list. It is, however, one of the most important aspects of the process, too. There are a few key things to keep in mind when building your list that will help make sure it is successful for you.

Entrepreneurs Are Characterized As Risk-Takers

Entrepreneurs are characterized by their willingness to take risks. As I mulled over the risk I took to get onto the GSA Schedule, I looked back at the risks I have taken that brought me to this time and place.

Tips On Starting A Commercial Cleaning Service

Many people think that cleaning is an easy way to make money. You hear people say that they are going to start cleaning a few businesses to make some extra cash, and you hear people gasp when they find out how much commercial operations pay for commercial cleaning services. People act as if commercial cleaning is as easy as vacuuming their homes.

The Client Relationship And You

Sometimes we forget, but quite honestly, the core of your successful business is your relationship with your clients. In fact, your relationships with clients can make or break the successful expansion of your business.

The Path to Success Through Self-Reflection

The questions you ask yourself lead to your actions; so really, your success has a direct correlation to the questions you ask. The most successful people ask the best questions.

Decisive Action

When it comes to starting a business, don’t get paralyzed by analysis. There comes a point in every budding entrepreneur’s life where you must take decisive action.

Learn About Your Market in 1 Hour With These 6 Steps

Social media is not just for selling anymore. For the cash strapped startup entrepreneur it offers great methods for market research. Learn more about your market by spending one hour and doing these six things.

The Advantage Of Home-Based Business and The Skills Required

If you are thinking of how to take your business or what you would have to acquire for your new business and take it to very high levels. Continue reading this article and you will learn what skills you must obtain and a free offer to make it even better.

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