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Starting a Clothing Line – What Was I Thinking?

If you’ve ever though about challenging yourself with a goal that is nearly impossible, you know the nagging sensation that occurs when you try to ignore it. About 5 years ago I was feeling more than a little restless…

Excelling In Business With Comfortable Mediocrity

Mediocrity is that step below excellence where most businesses are run. This is where people conform to other people’s standards and fall into a place of what they call, “comfortable mediocrity.”

The Nature of Business – Happiness at Work

About 90% of my Executive Coaching time is spent helping executives deal with people. Mostly, the struggle comes from resistance – where people refuse to cooperate or even follow leadership guidance from the executive. This rarely happens in self-owned business for long because the front door is always open but in organisations, that door is shut due to legal, cultural and legislative controls. Hence, many execs in business’ they don’t own have to deal with massive doses of distraction, emotional unconsciousness and consequently placate people who really would be better off somewhere else. This article is as much about survival in business as a good human as it is about leadership. I hope you enjoy it.

Building a Pyrotechnic Business: Accelerants for Entrepreneurs – Lighting the Customer’s Fire

Lighting the Customer’s Fire 1. Easy buying 2. Clear Offer 3. WOW! 4. Value to me 5. Keeping promises 6. Guarantees 7. Fanning the Flames

Using Modelling For Business Success

If you are reading this article, then it is likely that you have some questions or concerns in your mind, such as, “Why am I not getting the results I want in my business?” or “How can I take my business to the next level?” You have been working on your business, pouring your heart, energy, creativity and talent into it, but it has just not taken off as you envisioned it to.

Problems in Selling a Business – How a Business Broker Can Help

A business broker is essential to guide you through the tricky process of setting your business up for sale, clarifying that you have an on-going business that is easily identifiable and is legally able to be sold. These are all areas that you may be too close to the business to ascertain for yourself.

The Number One Place to Find Great Customers and Increase Revenue

I like to get results effortlessly. Who doesn’t? If you’re pushing hard, stressed out, and not having much fun as you grow your business, it’s time for a change. To increase revenue, you must increase sales. To increase sales you must find people who want what you offer. Typically this is done by knocking on more doors, cold calling, and networking. Or you can look right in your own backyard at your current customer base.

Thinking About A Website For Your Business?

Information on creating a website presence for eCommerce and service entities. How to find hosting companies and website promotion. “How to’s” in creating online visibility.

Struggle Is Optional

I’m not sure if it’s my Germanic heritage, or just the way I’m wired, but I’ve always thought, “If things aren’t hard or a struggle, they’re just not meaningful”. I also believed that if things came too easily, they wouldn’t last, or people would say, “Oh isn’t she so lucky”. Or, “did you notice she served salad dressing out of a bottle?

3 Tips to Break Through Entrepreneurial Fear

A lot of women entrepreneurs let fear stop them from taking the necessary actions needed to run and grow their business powerfully. Fear is actually a strong indicator that something needs to change or that you’re close to a breakthrough. In order to grow a successful business, you have to know how to manage fear.

3 Lessons I Learned From Steve Jobs

I’ve always loved Apple products. Ever since I got my first iMac years ago… I’ve been an apple junkie through and through. But I’m going to tell you something a bit surprising. Unlike many in the “cult of Mac”, I knew very little about Steve Jobs himself until recently. I didn’t know about his legendary personality quirks. Or temper. I did know that he was a product visionary… but only because I loved the products his company created.

How to Start a Recruitment Agency: 3 Steps You Must Take

How to start a recruitment agency? A good question. Recruitment agency owners are usually driven, full of ambition and embodied with enough self-assurance to make good snap decisions about anything related to employment. Sound like you? Well, the good thing is that you don’t need to be born into this job.

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