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3 Quick Tips to Make the Most of Visiting an Event

Going to events and seminars can be very valuable and worthwhile for your business. But it also takes up a lot of time and energy. Which is fine, if you spend your time wisely and make the most of your visit.

THE Sales Conversation for People Who Hate Selling

It’s easy to tell someone about your product or service when they casually ask. But the most well-spoken people fumble when it comes time to ask for the sale. Law of Attraction brings people into your sales funnel when you are super excited about your offerings.

Singapore – Punching Above Its Weight – And Winning!

In the Economists Intelligence Unit’s recent report “hot spots” Singapore was ranked as the 3rd most competitive city globally and Asia’s highest ranked city out of 120 Global Markets, losing out only to New York and London. Singapore spans a minuscule 275 miles and this reinforces the findings that density of population encourages competitiveness. The strong presence of such global economic powerhouses as Proctor & Gamble and Rolls Royce in the city-state, alongside new and innovative start-ups and technological research, have produced a dynamic economic environment that continues to attract corporations seeking entry into growing Asian markets.

Quick Income Boosts for Holistic Health Practitioners

As a holistic health practitioner, do you need quick cash for a crisis situation or extra money to invest in business growth? Consider these ideas for quick income to boost your income while implementing long-term strategies for success as a wellness entrepreneur.

Are You a One-Trick Pony?

If you offer some kind of professional service, it is easy to get stuck doing just one thing for your clients. While you may, for example, offer a range of coaching or web design services or therapies or personal training services, what could be “one thing” about it is your mode of delivery. If you offer all of your services as one-to-one meetings, live presentations, one-hour sittings or one-day support services, you are greatly limiting:

How to Operate a Part Time Cleaning Company

Do you want to start your own part time cleaning business? Like any business there are certain requirements to be aware of, but running your cleaning business in a part time role requires careful management. This article will cover the essential tips to operate your cleaning business more effectively.

How to Entice People to Invest in You

When you have a great idea for a business or product it is important to find the right investors to help you achieve your goals. Being successful in obtaining the right investors is not left to chance, you need to spend time planning and managing your profile to entice suitable investors that will believe in you.

How to Get Cleaning Contracts With Your City, State and County

Have you ever wondered how your cleaning service can get cleaning accounts from the state, city and county where you live? It really is a simple process and you can get these lucrative accounts too! Here is where to start and exactly what questions to ask.

Systemize Your Business to Hear the Magic Words That Never Get Old

When you were growing up I bet your parents spent a lot of time teaching you the magic words. You probably know those words as “please” and “thank you”. Now I agree, those are magic words.

Am I Being Too Pushy?

Here’s a common problem I see among my clients, and women in general. I don’t want to be pushy. I don’t want to toot my own horn. The clients who tell me this are so worried about it, that they have fled in entirely the opposite direction and have become invisible. Here’s the problem invisibility poses for entrepreneurs: If no one knows what you offer or who you are or what you value, they can’t become your clients (or your friends or trusted colleagues)!

Roadmap to Entreprenuership

We all imagine the day where we never have to clock in at 8am again. The question is usually “what do I need to do to get there?” I share with you my roadmap to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs Will Do Well to Recall Their Early Childhood Years

How soon we forget. We weren’t always the adults we are today. And the entrepreneurs among us didn’t always entertain grand ideas about creating a new product or service, about some day starting our own businesses. Nope, we spent a good deal of time as tiny, helpless infants going through a process pediatricians refer to as “Crawl-Walk-Run.” And therein lies a time in our lives entrepreneurs will find worth revisiting.

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