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Small Business Start-Up – How to Choose the Best Location

Even when you are starting up or thinking about starting up a business there are a number of practical considerations both short-term and long-term that are worth having in mind. They may not be hugely relevant when drawing plans up or making plans for the business, but they are issues that will very quickly develop and which some forethought will help you prepare for. One of the questions very simply will be where is your business to be located.

Small Business Start-Up – How to Motivate Yourself

One of the first questions you want to ask yourself is why am I starting a business, or why do I want to set up my own business. The value of asking yourself any question you get it helps to focus your mind and clarify thinking around a sense of reality, rather than simply a fantasy bubble that feels more comfortable than the drudgery of working for someone else or not working at all. That is not to say there is not some value in using the motivation of a situation that you do not want to be in as…

Small Business Start-Up – Are You an Entrepreneur?

Many people have a real desire and inclination to start up and run their own business either as a sole trader, or as a small or potentially large company. Often they are put off even before they start by a number of sometimes well-meaning and sometimes not so well-meaning people who advise them that you need to be a special type of person to be an entrepreneur or to run the risk of setting up and running your own business. Sometimes this advice is touted by people who like to see themselves as somewhat of an icon in the business…

Small Business Start-Up – Starting a Green Business

Starting a business that is deemed to be environmentally friendly is a big call for people nowadays and one that receives a lot of attention both in terms of support by state and government authorities as well as by consumers. A so-called green business may literally be a business that is in the work of the environment or doing something that will help the environment. It may also be any type of business where consumers or users of the product of the business want to know that the owners are doing all they can to be eco-friendly or green friendly…

Small Business Start-Up – Obligations to Employees

As a business start-up you will need to consider whether and at what point you will be wanting to employ people. It may not be in the immediate future, but having a plan will help hugely in the event that your business takes off and you need extra hands. It may be that you want to take on a trainee or an apprentice, permanent staff or contract staff, freelancers or simply voluntary help.

Small Business Start-Up – How to Choose a Business Location

Location is perhaps the most important decision you make concerning a business start-up. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly it is also one of the decisions that people give least attention to. Its importance lies in a number of factors and is a decision that needs to be taken after much careful planning and consideration.

Small Business Start-Up – Why You Need a Business Plan

Anyone who is starting up a business or plans to set up and run their own business needs to have a business plan. Many people think they only need to have a plan if they are going to be seeking funding either from a bank or an institution or an investor, and as such they either leave it to the last minute or just put on paper a few ideas that they think will impress an investor or figures that they think the bank or institution would like to hear or see. This is a real mistake…

Small Business Start-Up – Who Is My Competition?

As a small business you need to know who your competition is. This is one of the first questions you need to ask yourself. Realistically who am I likely to be competing against for custom of my service or product.

Small Business Start-Up – How Much Money Do I Need?

Money is the big question runs through all the other ones. At the outset of setting up your own business the question tends to revolve around how much money you need to start the business up, both in terms of the funding that the business itself will need, and any money that you or your family needs to survive on whilst the business is being set up and before it starts to make any money in its own right. Again this is an area that is a big reality check that a lot of people, but it comes down to…

A Profitable Business Idea and Marketing Research

There are profitable business ideas that you can choose from depending on the amount of capital you have raised. As an entrepreneur, you have to be aggressive and innovative. You should take risks and have a clear mind about making profits.

Small Business Start-Up – Starting a Home-Based Business

The idea of starting up a home-based business has become a significant reality for many people in today’s world and is likely to increasingly become the norm in many people. This is because the term home-based business means a variety of things. It can literally be a business that starts and runs from your home, or it can equally apply to people who do any type of freelance contract work and are based at home rather than from an office.

Give Yourself Permission to Fail

Many entrepreneurs think that if they’re not winning all the time in their business, they’re failing. Not true. Sometimes it takes a few failed attempts to get things right. Read on to learn more about the upside of failure and how to pick yourself up and keep on keepin’ on.

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